Danish Folketing election, 1929

Danish Folketing election, 1929
24 April 1929

All 149 seats to the Folketing
75 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Thorvald Stauning Thomas Madsen-Mygdal Christmas Møller
Party Social Democrats Venstre Conservative People's
Last election 53 seats, 37.2% 46 seats, 28.3% 30 seats, 20.6%
Seats won 61 43 24
Seat change Increase8 Decrease3 Decrease6
Popular vote 593,191 402,121 233,935
Percentage 41.8% 28.3% 16.5%

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Peter Rochegune Munch Collective leadership ?
Party Social Liberals Justice Schleswig
Last election 16 seats, 11.3% 2 seats, 1.3% 1 seat, 0.8%
Seats won 16 3 1
Seat change Steady0 Increase1 Steady0
Popular vote 151,746 25,810 9,787
Percentage 10.7% 1.8% 0.7%

Prime Minister before election

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Elected Prime Minister

Thorvald Stauning
Social Democrats

Folketing elections were held in Denmark on 24 April 1929,[1] except in the Faroe Islands where they were held on 29 May. The Social Democratic Party remained the largest in the Folketing, with 61 of the 149 seats. Voter turnout was 79.7% in Denmark proper and 58.0% in the Faroes.[2]



Party Votes % Seats +/–
Social Democratic Party593,19141.861+8
Conservative People's Party233,93516.524–6
Danish Social Liberal Party151,74610.7160
Justice Party of Denmark25,8101.83+1
Schleswig Party9,7870.710
Communist Party of Denmark3,6560.200
Invalid/blank votes2,904
Source: Nohlen & Stöver

Faroe Islands

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Venstre-Union Party3,48655.610
Social Democratic Party2,78044.400
Invalid/blank votes17
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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