Gülüstü Hanım

Gülüstü Hanım
کلستو خانم
Empress Consort of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 1855 - 25 June 1861
Empress dowager of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 25 June 1861 - 1865
Born Fatma Chachba
c. 1840
Died c. 1865 (aged 24 - 25)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Burial In front of the mihrab of Fatih Camii in Fatih, Istanbul
Spouse Abdülmecid I
Issue Mehmed VI
Mediha Sultan
Full name
Turkish: Gülüstü Hanım
English: Gulustu Khanum
Ottoman Turkish: کلستو خانم
Posthumous name
Merhume ve Mağfurun-leha Cennetmekan Firdevs-i aşiyan Devletlü Ismetlü Dördüncü Ikbal Gülüstü Hanım Efendi Hazretleri
House House of Shervashidze (by birth)
House of Osman (by marriage)
Father Tahir Bey Chachba
Mother Afişe Hanım Lakerba
Religion Sunni Islam

Gülüstü Hanım (Turkish pronunciation: [ɟylysˈty]); (c. 1840 – c. 1865; Ottoman Turkish: کلستو خانم) was the Empress consort of Sultan Abdülmecid I. She was the mother of Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


Born in 1840 in Georgia Gülüstü was of Abkhazian origin. Born as Fatma, she was the daughter of Prince Tahir Bey Chachba and his wife Afişe Hanım Lakerba.[1] She was renamed Gülüstü and was given thoroughly Turkish and Muslim education in the harem department of the Topkapı Palace. She was a tall, brown-eyed, brown-haired, white-skinned, and a very beautiful woman. But she was very sensitive lady.

At the age of about fourteen Gülüstü married Abdülmecid in 1855 at the Topkapı Palace.Gülüstü was fond of jewelry and clothes. She also made a great contributions in the restoration of mosques and madrassas.[1] Her son Mehmed became the thirty-sixth and last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, reigning from 1918 to 1922.[1] She died just three months after giving birth to her son. Since Mehmed VI became sultan long after Gülüstü's death, she was never a Valide Sultan.[2]

Her burial place is located at the Gülüstü Münire Sultan Türbe[3] in front of the mihrab of Fatih Camii in Fatih, Istanbul.


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