Rabia Şermi Kadınefendi

Not to be confused with Rabia Sultan.
Rabia Şermi Kadınefendi
Born Ida Kovacs
Died 1732
Resting place Mausoleum of Turhan Hatice Sultan in Yeni Mosque, Eminönü, Istanbul
Religion Islam, previously Judaism
Spouse(s) Ahmed III
Children Abdul Hamid I

Rabia Şermi Kadınefendi (née Ida) (ca. 1698 – 1732) was the wife of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III and mother of Abdul Hamid I.

Râbi'a Şerm-î (Sharmî)[1] was born as Ida Kovacs in Hungary, initially the third and then the second Hungarian spouse of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III. She was the mother of Sultan Abdul Hamid I.[2] However, she was never Valide Sultan to her son because she died in 1732, forty-two years before Sultan Abdul Hamid I's accession to the Ottoman throne.[3] Her name "Şerm-î" "(Sharmî)" simply means "belonging to gift". All the remaining Ottoman Sultans are the descendants of Râbi'a Şerm-î (Sharmî) Kadın Effendi.

The burial place of Rabia Şermi is located inside the tomb of Turhan Hadice Valide Sultan, the mother of Sultan Mehmed IV, in Yeni Mosque, Eminönü, Istanbul.

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