1984 K League

Korean Super League 1984 was second season of top football league in South Korea. Total 8 teams are participated in the league. Six of them are professional teams (Hallelujah, Yukong Elephants, Daewoo Royals, POSCO Dolphins, Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso, Hyundai Horang-i), two of them are amateur teams (Hanil Bank FC and Kookmin Bank).

League began 31 March 1984 and ended 11 November 1984. Season was operated its season in two stages, with the winners of each stage to the post-season championship playoffs. Point system was changed to 3 points for win, 2 points for draw and 1 point for no goal draw.


First Stage Second Stage
Date Place Stadium Date Place Stadium
31 March ~ 1 April Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium 28 July ~ 29 July Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium
7 April ~ 8 April Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium 1 August ~ 2 August Seoul Hyochang Stadium
21 April ~ 22 April Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium 4 August ~ 5 August Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium
28 April ~ 29 April Daejeon Daejeon Hanbat Stadium 7 August ~ 8 August Seoul Hyochang Stadium
5 May ~ 6 May Cheongju Cheongju Stadium 11 August ~ 12 August Gangneung Gangneung Stadium
12 May ~ 13 May Wonju Wonju Stadium 17 August ~ 18 August Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium
19 May ~ 20 May Ulsan Ulsan Complex Stadium 25 August ~ 26 August Ulsan Ulsan Complex Stadium
16 June ~ 17 June Jeonju Jeonju Stadium 29 August ~ 30 August Daegu Daegu Civil Stadium
23 June ~ 24 June Gwangju Gwangju Mudeung Stadium 1 September ~ 2 September Andong Andong Stadium
27 June ~ 28 June Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium 8 September ~ 9 September Masan Masan Stadium
30 June ~ 1 July Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium 15 September ~ 16 September Gwangju Gwangju Stadium
7 July ~ 8 July Seoul Hyochang Stadium 22 September ~ 23 September Incheon Incheon Sungui Stadium
14 July ~ 15 July Gangneung Gangneung Stadium 27 October ~ 28 October Cheongju Cheongju Stadium
21 July ~ 22 July Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium 3 November ~ 4 November Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium

League standing

First stage

Team Pts Pld W D 0D L GF GA GD comment
Yukong Elephants 31149203219+12 First Stage Champion
Daewoo Royals 301491132415+9
Hyundai Horang-i 28146422219+12
Hallelujah Eagles 221453151618+3
Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 191451262022-2
POSCO Dolphins 191435061317-4
Hanil Bank 171434071426-12
Kookmin Bank 91412291225-13

Second stage

Team Pts Pld W D 0D L GF GA GD comment
Daewoo Royals 29148132238+15 Second Stage Champion
Hyundai Horang-i 281473132920+9
POSCO Dolphins 251472052827+1
Hallelujah Eagles 231453241817+1
Yukong Elephants 221443431713+4
Hanil Bank 171424351219-7
Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 141432181823-5
Kookmin Bank 141424081533-18

Championship playoffs

First Leg

Second Leg

1984 Korean League Winners
Daewoo Royals
1st Title

Monthly Golden Ball

April South Korea Yoo Tae-Mok Daewoo Royals
May South Korea Lee Yong-Soo Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso
June South Korea Hwang Seok-Keun Hanil Bank FC
July South Korea Hong Seok-Min POSCO Dolphins
August South Korea Choi Soon-Ho POSCO Dolphins
September Thailand Piyapong Pue-on Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso
October South Korea Lee Tae-Ho Daewoo Royals

Source : K-League season 1984 (Korean)

Top scorers

Rank Scorer Club Goals Matches
1 South Korea Baek Jong-Chul Hyundai Horang-i 16 28
2 South Korea Choi Soon-Ho POSCO Dolphins 14 24
South Korea Kim Yong-Se Yukong Elephants 28
4 South Korea Lee Tae-Ho Daewoo Royals 11 20
5 South Korea Oh Seok-Jae Hallelujah Eagles 9 22
Netherlands Rob Landsbergen Hyundai Horang-i 27
South Korea Cho Young-Jeung Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 28
8 South Korea Lee Yong-Soo Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 8 25
9 4 players 7
13 3 players 6
16 6 players 5
22 9 players 4
31 13 players 3
44 15 players 2
59 24 players 1
own goals 6


K-League Most Valuable Player

The K-League Most Valuable Player award was won by Park Chang-Sun (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Top Scorer

The K-League Top Scorer award was won by Baek Jong-Chul (Hyundai Horang-i)

K-League Top Assistor

The K-League Top Assister award was won by Rob Landsbergen (Hyundai Horang-i)

K-League Manager of the Year

The K-League Manager of the Year award was won by Jang Woon-Soo (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Fighting Spirit Award

The K-League Fighting Spirit award was won by Chung Yong-Hwan (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Exemplary Award

The K-League Exemplary award was won by Cho Young-Jeung (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Best Eleven

Goalkeeper: Oh Yeon-Kyo (Yukong Elephants)
Defence: Chung Yong-Hwan (Daewoo Royals), Park Kyung-Hoon (POSCO Dolphins), Park Seong-Hwa (Hallelujah), Chung Jong-Soo (Yukong Elephants)
Midfield: Park Chang-Sun (Hallelujah), Huh Jung-Moo (Hyundai Horang-i), Cho Young-Jeung (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Attack: Choi Soon-Ho (POSCO Dolphins), Lee Tae-Ho (Daewoo Royals), Baek Jong-Chul (Hyundai Horang-i)


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