Eastern Orthodoxy in Jordan

Eastern Orthodoxy in Jordan refers to Christians in Jordan who are adherents of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is a long-established part of Christianity in Jordan. It includes Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox Church and Church of Antioch minorities.[1] The Jordanian Greek Orthodox Christians are believed to number 120,000, most of whom are Arabic speaking or by some accounts more than 300,000.[2] There are currently 29 Greek Orthodox churches – with that number on the increase – which come under the Jerusalem Patriarchate. [3] Most of the Greek Orthodox Christians live in Amman and surrounding areas. [4] The Greek Orthodox church has become known in the past for its pan-Arab orientation, possibly because it exists in various parts of the Arab world. Converts from Islam to Christianity risk the loss of civil rights.[1] Christmas and the Gregorian calendar New Year are recognized holidays in Jordan.[1]


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