True & Co.

True & Co.
Industry Internet, online retailing
Founder Michelle Lam, Dan Dolgin
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Products Lingerie

True & Co. is an American online lingerie retailer.[1][2] Headquartered in San Francisco, California, True & Co. was founded by Michelle Lam and Dan Dolgin.[3][4] Lam co-founded the company after becoming frustrated with trying on bras in fitting rooms.[5] The company uses a questionnaire and associated algorithm to recommend bra sizes to customers.[6] According to the New York Times, "True & Co.’s innovation is to put a batch of bras into customers’ hands so they can choose what fits best."[5] True & Co. sells bras from other lingerie lines as well as from its own branded collection.[7] True & Co. released a beta version in January 2012 and officially launched in May 2012.[8] According to Bloomberg Businessweek, "True & Co. is often referred to as 'the Netflix of bras.'"[1] In May 2016, the company launched its Try-On Truck, a mobile lingerie fitting room that is being driven on a coast-to-coast tour.[9]


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