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In computing, a Unicode symbol is a Unicode character which is not part of a script used to write a natural language, but is nonetheless available for use as part of a text.

Many of the symbols are drawn from existing character sets or ISO or other national and international standards. The Unicode Standard states that "The universe of symbols is rich and open-ended."[1] This makes the issue of what symbols to encode and how symbols should be encoded more complicated than the issues surrounding writing systems. Unicode focuses on symbols that make sense in a one-dimensional plain-text context. For example, the typical two-dimensional arrangement of electronic diagram symbols justifies their exclusion.[2] (Box-drawing characters are a partial exception, for legacy purposes, and a number of electronic diagram symbols are indeed encoded in Unicode's Miscellaneous Technical block.) For adequate treatment in plain text, symbols must also be displayable in a monochromatic setting. Even with these limitations  monochromatic, one-dimensional and standards-based  the domain of potential Unicode symbols is extensive. (However, emojis  ideograms, graphic symbols  that where admitted into Unicode, allow colors while the colors are not standardized.)

Symbol Block Table

Code Glyph Description #
U+2013 En dash 0903
U+2014 Em dash 0904
U+2015 Horizontal bar 0905
U+2017 Double low line 0906
U+2018 Left single quotation mark 0907
U+2019 Right single quotation mark 0908
U+201A Single low-9 quotation mark 0909
U+201B Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark 0910
U+201C Left double quotation mark 0911
U+201D Right double quotation mark 0912
U+201E Double low-9 quotation mark 0913
U+2020 Dagger 0914
U+2021 Double dagger 0915
U+2022 Bullet 0916
U+2026 Horizontal ellipsis 0917
U+2030 Per mille sign 0918
U+2032 Prime 0919
U+2033 Double prime 0920
U+2039 Single left-pointing angle quotation mark 0921
U+203A Single right-pointing angle quotation mark 0922
U+203C Double exclamation mark 0923
U+203E Overline 0924
U+2044 Fraction slash 0925
U+204A Tironian et sign 0926

Symbol block list

The following Unicode ranges encode Symbols

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  2. Unicode Standard 5.0; Chapter 12 (p302)


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