Giro del Piemonte

Giro del Piemonte
Race details
Date Mid-October
Region Piedmont, Italy
English name Tour of Piedmont
Local name(s) Giro del Piemonte or Gran Piemonte (Italian)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type One-day
Organiser RCS Sport
First edition 1906 (1906)
Editions 100 (as of 2016)
First winner  Giovanni Gerbi (ITA)
Most wins
Most recent  Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA)

The Giro del Piemonte, since 2009 known also as Gran Piemonte, is a semi classic European bicycle race held in the Apennine Mountains, Italy. The race first took place in 1906. Since 2005, the race has been organised as a 1.HC event on the UCI Europe Tour. It is usually held a few days before the more important race Giro di Lombardia.

In 2007, the race was not ridden because of sponsorship problems, but in 2008 it was back again.

The 2013 edition was again cancelled due to financial problems.[1]


Rider Team
1906 Italy Gerbi, GiovanniGiovanni Gerbi (ITA) Maino
1907 No race
1908 Italy Gerbi, GiovanniGiovanni Gerbi (ITA) Maino
1909 No race
1910 Italy Borgarello, VincenzoVincenzo Borgarello (ITA) Bianchi
1911 Italy Bruschera, MarioMario Bruschera (ITA) Bianchi
1912 Italy Costa, CostanteCostante Costa (ITA) individual
1913 Italy Verde, RomoloRomolo Verde (ITA) individual
1914 Italy Santhia, GiuseppeGiuseppe Santhià (ITA) Ganna-Dunlop
1915 Italy Bosco, NataleNatale Bosco (ITA) individual
1916 Italy Cerutti, FrancescoFrancesco Cerutti (ITA) individual
1917 Italy Schierano, DomenicoDomenico Schierano (ITA) individual
1918 Italy Bianchi, UgoUgo Bianchi (ITA) individual
1919 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA) Stucchi-Dunlop
1920 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA) Stucchi-Dunlop
1921 Italy Brunero, GiovanniGiovanni Brunero (ITA) Legnano-Pirelli
1922 Italy Gremo, AngeloAngelo Gremo (ITA) Bianchi-Salga
1923 Italy Aimo, BartolomeoBartolomeo Aimo (ITA) Atala
1924 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA) Maino
1925 Italy Belloni, GaetanoGaetano Belloni (ITA) Wolsit-Pirelli
1926 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA) Legnano-Pirelli
1927 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA) Legnano-Pirelli
1928 Italy Giuntelli, MarcoMarco Giuntelli (ITA) Touring-Pirelli
1929 Italy Negrini, AntonioAntonio Negrini (ITA) Maino-Clément
1930 Italy Morelli, AmbrogioAmbrogio Morelli (ITA) Gloria-Hutchinson
1931 Italy Cipriani, MarioMario Cipriani (ITA) individual
1932 Italy Martano, GiuseppeGiuseppe Martano (ITA) individual
1933 Italy Folco, AntonioAntonio Folco (ITA) individual
1934 Italy Guerra, LearcoLearco Guerra (ITA) Maino-Clément
1935 Italy Bini, AldoAldo Bini (ITA) Maino-Girardengo
1936 Italy Bini, AldoAldo Bini (ITA) Maino
1937 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA) Legnano
1938 Italy Rimoldi, PietroPietro Rimoldi (ITA) Ganna
1939 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA) Legnano
1940 Italy Cinelli, CinoCino Cinelli (ITA) Bianchi
1941 Italy Bini, AldoAldo Bini (ITA) Bianchi
1942 Italy Magni, FiorenzoFiorenzo Magni (ITA) Bianchi
1943–1944 No race
1945 Italy Barisone, SecondoSecondo Barisone (ITA) individual
1946 Italy Maggini, SergioSergio Maggini (ITA) Benotto-Superga
1947 Italy Ortelli, VitoVito Ortelli (ITA) Benotto-Superga
1948 Italy Soldani, RenzoRenzo Soldani (ITA) individual
1949 Italy Leoni, AdolfoAdolfo Leoni (ITA) Legnano-Pirelli
1950 Italy Martini, AlfredoAlfredo Martini (ITA) Taurea-Pirelli
1951 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA) Bartali-Ursus
1952 Italy Albani, GiorgioGiorgio Albani (ITA) Legnano
1953 Italy Magni, FiorenzoFiorenzo Magni (ITA) Ganna-Ursus
1954 Italy Defilippis, NinoNino Defilippis (ITA) Torpado-Ursus
1955 Italy Minardi, GiuseppeGiuseppe Minardi (ITA) Legnano
1956 Italy Magni, FiorenzoFiorenzo Magni (ITA) Nivea-Fuchs
1957 Italy Ciampi, SilvanoSilvano Ciampi (ITA) Faema-Guerra
1958 Italy Defilippis, NinoNino Defilippis (ITA) Carpano
1959 Italy Ciampi, SilvanoSilvano Ciampi (ITA) Bianchi-Pirelli
1960 Italy Sabbadin, AlfredoAlfredo Sabbadin (ITA) Philco
1961 Italy Conterno, AngeloAngelo Conterno (ITA) Baratti-Milano
1962 Italy Taccone, VitoVito Taccone (ITA) Atala
1963 Italy Durante, AdrianoAdriano Durante (ITA) Legnano
1964 Belgium Bocklant, WillyWilly Bocklant (BEL) Flandria–Romeo
1965 Italy Venturelli, RomeoRomeo Venturelli (ITA) Bianchi-Mobylette
1966 West Germany Altig, RudiRudi Altig (FRG) Molteni
1968 No race
1967 Italy De Rosso, GuidoGuido De Rosso (ITA) Vittadello
1969 Italy Basso, MarinoMarino Basso (ITA) Molteni
1970 Italy Zilioli, ItaloItalo Zilioli (ITA) Faemino-Faema
1971 Italy Gimondi, FeliceFelice Gimondi (ITA) Salvarani
1972 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1973 Italy Gimondi, FeliceFelice Gimondi (ITA) Bianchi-Campagnolo
1974 Italy Moser, FrancescoFrancesco Moser (ITA) Filotex
1975–1976 No race
1977 Belgium De Vlaeminck, RogerRoger De Vlaeminck (BEL) Brooklyn
1978 Italy Baronchelli, GianbattistaGianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) Scic
1979 Italy Contini, SilvanoSilvano Contini (ITA) Bianchi-Faema
1980 Italy Baronchelli, GianbattistaGianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) Bianchi-Piaggio
1981 Italy Amadori, MarinoMarino Amadori (ITA) Magniflex
1982 Spain Rupérez, FaustinoFaustino Rupérez (ESP) Zor-Helios
1983 Italy Bontempi, GuidoGuido Bontempi (ITA) Inoxpran
1984 France Jourdan, ChristianChristian Jourdan (FRA) La Vie Claire
1985 France Mottet, CharlyCharly Mottet (FRA) Renault-Elf
1986 Italy Bugno, GianniGianni Bugno (ITA) Atala-Ofmega
1987 Netherlands Poel, Adrie Van DerAdrie Van Der Poel (NED) PDM–Concorde
1988 Germany Gölz, RolfRolf Gölz (GER) Superconfex–Yoko–Opel–Colnago
1989 Italy Chiappucci, ClaudioClaudio Chiappucci (ITA) Carrera Jeans–Vagabond
1990 Italy Ballerini, FrancoFranco Ballerini (ITA) Del Tongo
1991 Uzbekistan Abdoujaparov, DjamolidineDjamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) Carrera Jeans–Tassoni
1992 Netherlands Breukink, ErikErik Breukink (NED) PDM–Concorde
1993 Switzerland Zberg, BeatBeat Zberg (SUI) Carrera Jeans–Tassoni
1994 Italy Miceli, NicolaNicola Miceli (ITA) Carrera Jeans–Tassoni
1995 Italy Chiappucci, ClaudioClaudio Chiappucci (ITA) Carrera Jeans–Tassoni
1996 France Virenque, RichardRichard Virenque (FRA) Festina–Lotus
1997 Italy Bortolami, GianlucaGianluca Bortolami (ITA) Festina–Lotus
1998 Italy Serpellini, MarcoMarco Serpellini (ITA) Brescialat-Liquigas
1999 Italy Tafi, AndreaAndrea Tafi (ITA) Mapei–Quick-Step
2000 No race
2001 Belgium Mattan, NicoNico Mattan (BEL) Cofidis
2002 Italy Paolini, LucaLuca Paolini (ITA) Mapei–Quick-Step
2003 Italy Bertolini, AlessandroAlessandro Bertolini (ITA) Alessio
2004 Australia Davis, AllanAllan Davis (AUS) Liberty Seguros
2005 Brazil Fischer, MuriloMurilo Fischer (BRA) Naturino-Sapore di Mare
2006 Italy Bennati, DanieleDaniele Bennati (ITA) Lampre–Fondital
2007 No race
2008 Italy Bennati, DanieleDaniele Bennati (ITA) Liquigas
2009 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) Silence–Lotto
2010 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) Omega Pharma–Lotto
2011 Spain Moreno, DanielDaniel Moreno (ESP) Team Katusha
2012 Colombia Urán, RigobertoRigoberto Urán (COL) Team Sky
2013–2014 No race
2015 Belgium Bakelants, JanJan Bakelants (BEL) AG2R La Mondiale
2016 Italy Nizzolo, GiacomoGiacomo Nizzolo (ITA) Italian national selection


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