Ligue 1 Mauritania

Ligue 1 Mauritania
Country Mauritania Mauritania
Confederation CAF
Founded 1976
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Mauritani 2nd Division
Domestic cup(s) Coupe du Président de la République
Mauritanian Super Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions ASC Tevragh-Zeïne
Most championships ASC Garde Nationale (7)
ASC Police (7)
TV partners TV Mauritanie
2015–16 Mauritanian Premier League

Ligue 1 Mauritania is the top division of the Fédération de Foot-Ball de la Républic Islamique de Mauritanie. It was created in 1976.

Ligue 1 Mauritania League Clubs – 2015/16

Previous winners

Performance By Club

Club City Titles Last Title
AS Garde Nationale Nouakchott 7 1998
ASC Police Nouakchott 7 1991
ACS Ksar (includes ASC Sonader Ksar) Nouakchott 5 2004
FC Nouadhibou Nouadhibou 5 2013–14
ASC Nasr de Sebkha Nouakchott 3 2006–07
FC Tevragh-Zeina Nouakchott 3 2015–16
ASC Snim (includes CF Cansado) Nouadhibou 2 2010
ASC Mauritel Mobile FC Nouakchott 2 2005–06
SDPA Trarza FC Rosso 1 1999
ASC Sonalec Nouakchott 1 1995
ASAC Concorde Nouakchott 1 2007–08


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2003 Mauritania Baïla Diallo ACS Ksar 18
2004 Mauritania Bouha Ould Brahim ACS Ksar 21
2005 Mauritania Bouha Ould Brahim ACS Ksar 14
2006–07 Mauritania Baïla Diallo ACS Ksar 21
2007–08 Mauritania Ely Cheikh Ould Voulany ACS Ksar 16
2012–13 Ivory Coast Wilfreid Kissito FC Nouadhibou 18

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