THB Champions League

THB Champions League
Country Madagascar
Confederation CAF
Founded 1962
Number of teams 24
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Coupe de Madagascar
Super Coupe de Madagascar
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions CNaPS Sport
Most championships CNaPS Sport (5)

The THB Champions League is the premier football league in Madagascar, sponsored by Three Horses Beer, a Malagasy brewery.


The competition is played in a round-robin format between the 24 qualifying clubs from the 22 regional leagues in the country. In the first round, the teams are divided into four groups of six teams, with each team playing the others once, and with the top three clubs of each group advancing to the next round. In the second round, the teams are divided into two groups of six teams, with each team playing the others once, and with the top two clubs of each group advancing to the final round. In the final round, called the Groupe des As, the four teams play each other once and the winner is crowned as the champion.

Previous winners

Performance by club

Club City Titles Last Title
CNaPS Sport Miarinarivo 5 2016
AS Fortior Toamasina 4 2000
AS Sotema Mahajanga 4 1992
AS Corps Enseignement Toliara 3 1977
AS Adema Antananarivo 3 2012
Ajesaia Antananarivo 2 2009
FC BFV Antananarivo 2 1996
Dinamo Fima Antananarivo 2 1983
DSA Antananarivo Antananarivo 2 1998
Fortior Mahajanga Mahajanga 2 1979
MMM Toamasina Toamasina 2 1980
AS St. Michel Antananarivo 2 1978
BTM Antananarivo Antananarivo 2 1986
Académie Ny Antsika Vakinankaratra 1 2008
Ambatondrazaka Sport 1 1956
JS Antalaha Antalaha 1 1973
COSFAP Antananarivo Antananarivo 1 1988
Ecoredipharm Tamatave 1 2003
ASF Fianarantsoa Fianarantsoa 1 1990
Fitarikandro Fianarantsoa 1 1968
Fobar Toliara 1 1995
Japan Actuel's FC Analamanga 1 2011
Jos Nosy-Bé Hell-Ville 1 1987
FC Rainizafy 1 1994
AS Somasud Toliara 1 1981
SO l'Emyrne Antananarivo 1 2001
USCA Foot Antananarivo 1 2005
US Fonctionnaires Antananarivo 1 1969
USJF/Ravinala Antananarivo 1 2004
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