Réunion Premier League

Réunion Premier League
Country Réunion
Confederation CAF
Founded 1950
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Coupe de la Réunion
Coupe de France
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions JS Saint-Pierroise
Most championships JS Saint-Pierroise (17)
Website Official site

Réunion Premier League is the top division of football on the French overseas territory of Réunion. The league is run and managed by the Ligue de Football de la Réunion under the watch of the French Football Federation. Réunion Premier League was created in 1950 and the most successful club is JS Saint-Pierroise, who have won 17 league titles. The defending champions are JS Saint-Pierroise. The winner of the competition earns a berth in the CAF Champions League. In the French pyramid system, the Réunion Premier League is positioned in the Division d'Honneur, the sixth level of French football.

The league has produced several professional Ligue 1 players, as well as players who have gone on to have successful careers abroad. Players such as Jean-Pierre Bade, Guillaume Hoarau, Florent Sinama-Pongolle, Dimitri Payet, and Jean-Pascal Fontaine all began their careers on the island before achieving success abroad.

Competition format

There are 14 clubs in the Réunion Premier League. During the course of a season, usually from March to November, each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 26 games. Like all other amateur leagues in France, the league operates using a 4–2–1 points system meaning four points for a win, two for a draw, and one for a defeat. If points are equal following the season, the goal difference and then goals scored determine the winner. If still equal, teams are deemed to occupy the same position. If there is a tie for the championship, for relegation, or for qualification to other competitions, a play-off match at a neutral venue decides rank. The two lowest placed teams are relegated to second division and the top two teams from the second division are promoted in their place.

The Ligue de Football de la Réunion runs the Coupe de la Réunion, which is the national cup of the territory. The organization also runs a Coupe de France cup competition that is independent to the Coupe de la Réunion. The Coupe de France competition serves as qualifying rounds for the actual Coupe de France. The competition usually lasts six rounds and the winner of the competition qualifies for the 7th round of the Coupe de France.

Premier League Clubs 2016

Team Home City Manager Stadium Capacity
AS Marsouins Saint-Leu Stade Saint-Leu
AS Sainte-Suzanne
AJ Petite-Île Saint-Joseph Stade Raphaël Babet
AS Excelsior Saint-Joseph Algeria Bousdira, FarèsFarès Bousdira Stade Raphaël Babet
JS Piton Saint-Leu Saint-Leu
JS Saint-Pierroise Saint-Pierre France Ségura, PatricePatrice Ségura Stade Michel Volnay
RC Saint-Benoît Saint-Benoît
Saint-Denis FC Saint-Denis Stade Jean-Ivoula
Saint-Pauloise FC Saint-Paul France Dafreville, ChristianChristian Dafreville Stade Paul Julius Bénard
SDEFA Saint-Denis
SS Capricorne Saint-Pierre Stade Joffre-Labenne
SS Jeanne d'Arc Le Port Stade Georges Lambrakis
SS Saint-Louisienne Saint-Louis France Laborde, PatrickPatrick Laborde Stade Théophile Hoarau
US Sainte-Marienne Sainte-Marie France Bendouma, DjamelDjamel Bendouma Stade Nelson Mandela

Previous winners

Season Num. Clubs Champion Pts Runner-Up Pts
1950n.c.SS Patrioten.c.n.c.n.c.
1951n.c.SS Patrioten.c.n.c.n.c.
1952n.c.SS Jeanne d'Arcn.c.n.c.n.c.
1953n.c.SS Patrioten.c.n.c.n.c.
1954n.c.SS Patrioten.c.n.c.n.c.
1955n.c.SS Patrioten.c.n.c.n.c.
195612JS Saint-Pierroise36SS Patriote34
195710JS Saint-Pierroise25Bourbon C22
195810SS Saint-Louisiennen/aSS Jeanne d'Arcn/a
195916JS Saint-Pierroise33SS Charles de Foucauld33
196010JS Saint-Pierroise48SS Jeanne d'Arc41
196110JS Saint-Pierroise47Bourbon C45
19627SS Patriote29JS Saint-Pierroise27
19638SS Saint-Louisienne36JS Saint-Pierroise34
19648SS Saint-Louisienne35JS Saint-Pierroise34
196510SS Saint-Louisienne49SS Tamponnaise44
196610SS Saint-Louisienne49SS Tamponnaise42
196710SS Saint-Louisienne47SS Patriote43
196810SS Saint-Louisienne46SS Jeanne d'Arc45
196910SS Saint-Louisienne45SS Jeanne d'Arc44
197010SS Saint-Louisienne44SS Excelsior44
197110JS Saint-Pierroise41SS Saint-Louisienne36
197210JS Saint-Pierroise48SS Patriote44
197313JS Saint-Pierroise64SS Excelsior60
197412SS Excelsior59JS Saint-Pierroise52
197512JS Saint-Pierroise53SS Excelsior53
197612JS Saint-Pierroise55FC Ouest53
197712FC Ouest57SS Excelsior52
197812JS Saint-Pierroise56CS Saint-Denis53
197912SS Saint-Pauloise59US Bénédictine51
198012CS Saint-Denis57SS Saint-Pauloise53
198112SS Saint-Pauloise55US Bénédictine54
198212SS Saint-Louisienne52CS Saint-Denis49
198312SS Saint-Pauloise51FC Ouest51
198413CS Saint-Denis58SS Saint-Pauloise58
198514SS Saint-Pauloise64JS Saint-Pierroise63
198614SS Saint-Pauloise68CS Saint-Denis65
198714CS Saint-Denis64SS Saint-Pauloise64
198814SS Saint-Louisienne61US Stade Tamponnaise60
198914JS Saint-Pierroise64CS Saint-Denis60
199014JS Saint-Pierroise63US Stade Tamponnaise60
199114US Stade Tamponnaise67CS Saint-Denis67
199212US Stade Tamponnaise61CS Saint-Denis52
199312JS Saint-Pierroise54CS Saint-Denis54
199412JS Saint-Pierroise56US Stade Tamponnaise52
199512CS Saint-Denis54US Stade Tamponnaise51
199612CS Saint-Denis53JS Saint-Pierroise53
199714SS Saint-Louisienne79US Stade Tamponnaise73
199814SS Saint-Louisienne84US Stade Tamponnaise81
199914US Stade Tamponnaise86JS Saint-Pierroise78
200014AS Marsouins77US Stade Tamponnaise75
200114SS Saint-Louisienne81JS Saint-Pierroise81
200214SS Saint-Louisienne89US Stade Tamponnaise74
200314US Stade Tamponnaise88SS Saint-Louisienne88
200414US Stade Tamponnaise82SS Excelsior78
200514US Stade Tamponnaise88SS Excelsior87
200614US Stade Tamponnaise88JS Saint-Pierroise81
200714US Stade Tamponnaise89SS Excelsior82
200814JS Saint-Pierroise88US Stade Tamponnaise87
200914US Stade Tamponnaise81SS Excelsior70
201014US Stade Tamponnaise79US Sainte-Marienne74
201112Saint-Pauloise FC69US Stade Tamponnaise65
201212SS Saint-Louisienne72US Stade Tamponnaise67
201312US Sainte-Marienne67Saint-Pauloise FC63
201412Saint-Pauloise FC68SS Excelsior66
201512JS Saint-Pierroise

Performance by club

Club City Titles Last Title
JS Saint-Pierroise Saint-Pierre 17 2015
SS Saint-Louisienne Saint-Louis 16 2012
US Stade Tamponnaise Le Tampon 10 2010
Saint-Pauloise FC Saint-Paul 7 2014
SS Patriote Saint-Denis 6 1962
CS Saint-Denis Saint-Denis 5 1996
SS Excelsior Saint-Joseph 1 1974
SS Jeanne d'Arc Saint-Pierre 1 1952
AS Marsouins Saint-Leu 1 2000
FC Ouest Saint-Paul 1 1977
US Sainte-Marienne Sainte-Marie 1 2013

Top scorers

Year Best scorers Team Goals
2001 Réunion Bernard Lacollay AS Marsouins 21
2002 Algeria Farid Kekar US Possession 19
2003 Réunion Willy Robert SS Saint-Pauloise 20
2004 Ivory Coast Moussa Traoré US Stade Tamponnaise 14
2005 Réunion Willy Visnelda SS Saint-Louisienne 12
2007 Réunion Antoine Rasolofo AS Marsouins 19
2008 Réunion Quentin Boesso JS Saint-Pierroise 23
2009 Madagascar Britton Mandilimana US Sainte-Marienne 20
2010 Madagascar Praxis Rabemananjara Saint-Denis FC 12
2011 Réunion Mohamed El-Madaghri US Stade Tamponnaise 11
2012 Ivory Coast Georges Ba SS Saint-Louisienne 9
2013 Réunion Faissal Zaghar SS Saint-Louisienne 13
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