List of cities founded by the Romans

This is a list of cities and towns founded by the Romans. It lists every city established and built by the ancient Romans to have begun as a colony often for the settlement of citizens or veterans of the legions. Many Roman colonies rose to become important commercial and cultural centers, transportation hubs and capitals of global empires. Most European towns still retain part of the original Roman street-grid.

Roman cities and towns

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Foundation Latin name Modern-day Modern country
753BC Roma Rome Italy
268BC Ariminum Rimini Italy
218BC Placentia Piacenza Italy
218BC Tarraco Tarragona Spain
206BC Italica Santiponce Spain [1]
3rd c. BC Modoetia Monza Italy
197BC Salernum Salerno Italy
189BC Bononia Bologna Italy
188BC Forum Livii Forlì Italy
187BC Regium Lepidi Reggio Emilia Italy
181BC Aquileia Aquileia Italy
169BC Corduba Cordoba Spain
138BC Valentia Edetanorum Valencia Spain
2nd c. BC Massa Massa Italy
2nd c. BC Pistoria Pistoia Italy
80BC Segovia Segovia Spain
77BC Gerunda Girona Spain
62BC Brigantium La Coruña Spain
59BC Florentia Florence Italy
58BC Vesontio Besançon France
52BC Lutetia Parisiorum Paris France
50BC Atuatuca Tungrorum Tongeren Belgium [2]
49BC Iulia Romula Hispalis Seville Spain
44BC Augusta Raurica Basel Switzerland
43BC Lugdunum Lyon France
30BC Augusta Treverorum Trier Germany [3]
29-19BC Castra Legionis León Spain
28BC Augusta Taurinorum Turin Italy
25BC Augusta Praetoria Salassorum Aosta Italy
25BC Emerita Augusta Mérida Spain
25BC Lucus Augusti Lugo Spain
25-13BC Caesarea Caesarea Israel
20BC Bracara Augusta BragaPortugal
16BC Novaesium Neuss Germany
15BC Pons Drusi Bolzano Italy
15BC Ovilava Wels Austria
15BC Iuvavum Salzburg Austria
15BC Augusta Vindelicorum Augsburg Germany
15BC Turicum Zurich Switzerland
14BC Borbetomagus Worms Germany
14BC Cesaraugusta Zaragoza Spain
14-9BC Mogontiacum Mainz Germany
12BC Argentoratum Strasbourg France
11BC Bonna Bonn Germany
10BC Noviomagus Speyer Germany
9BC Castellum apud Confluentes Koblenz Germany
1st c. BC Divodurum Metz France
1st c. BC Caesaromagus Beauvais France
1st c. BC Ambianum Amiens France
1st c. BC Faventia Paterna Barcino Barcelona Spain
1st c. BC Abila Avila Spain
1st c. BC Lousonna Lausanne Switzerland
1st c. BC Genava Geneva Switzerland
1st c. BC Ulpia Noviomagus BatavorumNijmegenNetherlands
15AD EmonaLjubljana Slovenia
43AD LondiniumLondon UK
43-49AD CamulodunumColchester UK [4]
47AD Traiectum UtrechtNetherlands
48AD Lindum Colonia Lincoln UK
50AD Ratae Corieltauvorum Leicester UK
50AD Colonia Agrippina Cologne Germany
50AD Verulamium St. Albans UK
55AD Isca Dumnoniorum Exeter UK
58AD Viroconium Cornoviorum Wroxeter UK
71AD Eboracum York UK
79AD Deva Victrix Chester UK
79AD Mancunium Manchester UK
83AD Bonames (present city district) Frankfurt am Main Germany
89AD VindobonaVienna Austria
97AD Colonia Nervia GlevensiumGloucester UK
1st c. AD LentiaLinz Austria
1st c. AD Aquae GranniAachen Germany
1st c. AD Portus Victoriae Iuliobrigensium Santander Spain
1st c. AD Aeminium later renamed Conimbriga CoimbraPortugal
1st c. AD Traiectum ad Mosam MaastrichtNetherlands
1st c. AD Coriovallum HeerlenNetherlands
103AD Aquincum Budapest Hungary
120AD Pons Aelius Newcastle upon Tyne UK
131AD Aelia Capitolina Jerusalem (part of) Israel / State of Palestine
179AD Castra Regina RegensburgGermany
330AD Constantinopolis IstanbulTurkey

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  4. It has a claim to being the oldest city in Britain
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