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This is a list of all under-23 cyclists who competed at the 2013 UCI Road World Championships in Tuscany, Italy in September 2013. For under-23 riders there were two events, for men and individual time trial and a road race.[1][2]

List of cyclists

DNF = did not finish

Abdallah El Err LebanonMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Ábel Kenyeres HungaryMen's under-23 time trial66
Adam Phelan AustraliaMen's under-23 road race31
Adam Yates Great BritainMen's under-23 road race19
Adil Barbari AlgeriaMen's under-23 time trial71
Adil Barbari AlgeriaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Adrian Alvarado ChileMen's under-23 time trial72
Adrien Chenaux SwitzerlandMen's under-23 road race29
Alberto Bettiol ItalyMen's under-23 road race58
Alex Frame New ZealandMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Alexander Cataford CanadaMen's under-23 time trial33
Alexander Evtushenko RussiaMen's under-23 time trial19
Alexander Foliforov RussiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Alexis Gougeard FranceMen's under-23 time trial30
Alexis Gougeard FranceMen's under-23 road race57
Alistair Slater Great BritainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Amund Grøndahl Jansen NorwayMen's under-23 time trial31
Anass Ait El Abdia MoroccoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Andrea Zordan ItalyMen's under-23 road race34
Andrei Voicu RomaniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Andris Vosekalns LatviaMen's under-23 time trial47
Andris Vosekalns LatviaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Andžs Flaksis LatviaMen's under-23 time trial40
Andžs Flaksis LatviaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Antoine Duchesne CanadaMen's under-23 road race46
Ariel Sivori ArgentinaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Asbjørn Kragh Andersen DenmarkMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Awet Ghebremedhin EritreaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev KazakhstanMen's under-23 road race30
Ben Einhorn IsraelMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Bjørn Tore Hoem Nilsen NorwayMen's under-23 road race51
Bradley Linfield AustraliaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Brayan Ramírez ColombiaMen's under-23 time trial17
Brayan Ramírez ColombiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Bruno Maltar CroatiaMen's under-23 time trial35
Burr Ho Hong KongMen's under-23 time trial59
Burr Ho Hong KongMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Caleb Ewan AustraliaMen's under-23 road race4
Campbell Flakemore AustraliaMen's under-23 time trial4
Campbell Flakemore AustraliaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Carlos Barbero SpainMen's under-23 road race83
Carlos Eduardo Quisphe EcuadorMen's under-23 time trial58
Carlos Eduardo Quisphe EcuadorMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Christopher Jennings South AfricaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Clément Chevrier FranceMen's under-23 road race11
Cristian Raileanu MoldovaMen's under-23 road race49
Cristian Raileanu MoldovaMen's under-23 time trial70
Damien Howson AustraliaMen's under-23 time trial1
Damien Howson AustraliaMen's under-23 road race50
Daniel Jaramillo ColombiaMen's under-23 road race35
Daniel Turek Czech RepublicMen's under-23 time trial45
Daniil Fominykh KazakhstanMen's under-23 time trial9
Daniil Fominykh KazakhstanMen's under-23 road race41
David Dvorský Czech RepublicMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Davide Formolo ItalyMen's under-23 road race59
Davide Martinelli ItalyMen's under-23 time trial29
Davide Villella ItalyMen's under-23 road race6
Derk Abel Beckeringh NetherlandsMen's under-23 road race43
Dieter Bouvry BelgiumMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Dion Smith New ZealandMen's under-23 road race77
Dylan van Baarle NetherlandsMen's under-23 road race7
Dylan van Baarle NetherlandsMen's under-23 time trial23
Edison Bravo ChileMen's under-23 time trial68
Eduard-Michael Grosu RomaniaMen's under-23 time trial63
Eduard-Michael Grosu RomaniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Eduardo Sepúlveda ArgentinaMen's under-23 time trial10
Eduardo Sepúlveda ArgentinaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Edward Theuns BelgiumMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Emanuel Buchmann GermanyMen's under-23 road race68
Emanuel Piaskowy PolandMen's under-23 road race40
Emiel Dolfsma NetherlandsMen's under-23 road race70
Emil Vinjebo DenmarkMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Emiljano Stojku AlbaniaMen's under-23 time trial73
Emīls Liepiņš LatviaMen's under-23 road race79
Endrik Puntso EstoniaMen's under-23 time trial53
Erik Baška SlovakiaMen's under-23 road race80
Facundo Lezica ArgentinaMen's under-23 time trial51
Facundo Lezica ArgentinaMen's under-23 road race55
Felix Großschartner AustriaMen's under-23 road race23
Felix Großschartner AustriaMen's under-23 time trial38
Feritcan Samli TurkeyMen's under-23 time trial62
Feritcan Samli TurkeyMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Flavien Dassonville FranceMen's under-23 road race21
Frayre Moctezuma Eder MexicoMen's under-23 road race44
Frederico Figueiredo PortugalMen's under-23 road race14
Frederik Frison BelgiumMen's under-23 time trial11
Fredrik Ludvigsson SwedenMen's under-23 road race56
Fredrik Strand Galta NorwayMen's under-23 road race53
Gabriel Chavanne SwitzerlandMen's under-23 time trial43
Gavin Mannion United StatesMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Gennadi Tatarinov RussiaMen's under-23 road race67
Gregor Mühlberger AustriaMen's under-23 road race39
Haritz Orbe SpainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Heiner Parra ColombiaMen's under-23 road race72
Henry Velasco EcuadorMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Hichem Kab AlgeriaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Ido Zilberstein IsraelMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Ihar Mytsko BelarusMen's under-23 road race82
Ildar Arslanov RussiaMen's under-23 road race22
Ilhan Celik TurkeyMen's under-23 time trial74
Ilhan Celik TurkeyMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Ilia Koshevoy BelarusMen's under-23 road race20
Ioánnis Spanópoulos GreeceMen's under-23 time trial32
Jaka Bostner SloveniaMen's under-23 road race78
James Oram New ZealandMen's under-23 time trial26
James Oram New ZealandMen's under-23 road race52
Jan Hirt Czech RepublicMen's under-23 road race12
Jasha Sütterlin GermanyMen's under-23 time trial13
Jasha Sütterlin GermanyMen's under-23 road race26
Jasper Stuyven BelgiumMen's under-23 road race25
Johann Van Zyl South AfricaMen's under-23 road race64
Johannes Christoffel Nel South AfricaMen's under-23 time trial54
Johannes Weber GermanyMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Jonathan Dibben Great BritainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
José Luis Rodríguez Aguilar ChileMen's under-23 time trial56
Josef Černý Czech RepublicMen's under-23 time trial39
Josef Černý Czech RepublicMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Josef Hošek Czech RepublicMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Joseph Perret Great BritainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Jovan Zekavica SerbiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Juan Enrique Aldapa MexicoMen's under-23 time trialDNS
Juan Ernesto Chamorro ColombiaMen's under-23 road race62
Julian Alaphilippe FranceMen's under-23 road race9
Julio Cesar Benitez Rubio MexicoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Juraj Lajcha SlovakiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Karel Hník Czech RepublicMen's under-23 road race28
Kim Magnusson SwedenMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Kolya Shumov BelarusMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Kristian Haugaard DenmarkMen's under-23 road race73
Kristian Neemela EstoniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Krists Neilands LatviaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Lasse Norman Hansen DenmarkMen's under-23 time trial3
Lawson Craddock United StatesMen's under-23 time trial5
Lawson Craddock United StatesMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Louis Meintjes South AfricaMen's under-23 time trial25
Louis Meintjes South AfricaMen's under-23 road race 2
Louis Vervaeke BelgiumMen's under-23 road race42
Ľuboš Malovec SlovakiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Luis Lemus MexicoMen's under-23 road race48
Luka Pibernik SloveniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Lukas Pöstlberger AustriaMen's under-23 time trial61
Lukas Pöstlberger AustriaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Łukasz Wiśniowski PolandMen's under-23 time trial24
Łukasz Wiśniowski PolandMen's under-23 road race45
Magnus Cort Nielsen DenmarkMen's under-23 road race36
Marcelo Paspuezán EcuadorMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Marcus Christie IrelandMen's under-23 time trial28
Marcus Fåglum Karlsson SwedenMen's under-23 time trial22
Marcus Fåglum Karlsson SwedenMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Mario González Salas SpainMen's under-23 time trial37
Mario González Salas SpainMen's under-23 road race84
Mark Dzamastagic SloveniaMen's under-23 time trial57
Mark Dzamastagic SloveniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Marko Danilović SerbiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Marlen Zmorka UkraineMen's under-23 time trial15
Marlen Zmorka UkraineMen's under-23 road race81
Matej Mohorič SloveniaMen's under-23 time trial55
Matej Mohorič SloveniaMen's under-23 road race 1
Maxat Ayazbayev KazakhstanMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Maxim Rusnac MoldovaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Maximilian Schachmann GermanyMen's under-23 time trial12
Mekseb Debesay EritreaMen's under-23 time trial60
Mekseb Debesay EritreaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Merhawi Kudus EritreaMen's under-23 road race15
Meron Teshome EritreaMen's under-23 time trial44
Meron Teshome EritreaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Michael Valgren DenmarkMen's under-23 road race60
Michael Vink New ZealandMen's under-23 time trial36
Michal Kolář SlovakiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Michele Scartezzini ItalyMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Mihkel Räim EstoniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Mike Teunissen NetherlandsMen's under-23 road race37
Mikel Iturria SpainMen's under-23 time trial67
Mikel Iturria SpainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Mikhail Akimov RussiaMen's under-23 road race66
Miloš Borisavljević SerbiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Mohammed Adiq Husainie Othman MalaysiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Nassim Saidi AlgeriaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Nathan Brown United StatesMen's under-23 road race13
Nathan Brown United StatesMen's under-23 time trial21
Nathan Wilson United StatesMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Natnael Berhane EritreaMen's under-23 road race63
Nick van der Lijke NetherlandsMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Nicolae Tanovitchii MoldovaMen's under-23 road race69
Odd Christian Eiking NorwayMen's under-23 road race16
Oleg Sergeev IsraelMen's under-23 time trial69
Oleksandr Golovash UkraineMen's under-23 time trial16
Olivier Le Gac FranceMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Oskar Svendsen NorwayMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Owain Doull Great BritainMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Patrick Konrad AustriaMen's under-23 road race10
Patryk Stosz PolandMen's under-23 road race74
Paulius Šiškevičius LithuaniaMen's under-23 time trial65
Pedro Rodríguez EcuadorMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Peeter Tarvis EstoniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier FranceMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Rafael Reis PortugalMen's under-23 time trial34
Rasmus Sterobo DenmarkMen's under-23 time trial20
René Guillermo Corella Braun MexicoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Richard Carapaz EcuadorMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Rick Zabel GermanyMen's under-23 road race76
Roman Katirin RussiaMen's under-23 road race61
Roy Goldstein IsraelMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Rubén Fernández Andújar SpainMen's under-23 road race65
Ryan Mullen IrelandMen's under-23 time trial7
Salah Eddine Mraouni MoroccoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Samir Jabrayilov AzerbaijanMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Samuel Spokes AustraliaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Sebastián Henao ColombiaMen's under-23 road race18
Silvio Herklotz GermanyMen's under-23 road race8
Simon Pellaud SwitzerlandMen's under-23 road race71
Simon Yates Great BritainMen's under-23 road race17
Simone Antonini ItalyMen's under-23 time trial49
Sjors Roosen NetherlandsMen's under-23 road race38
Sjors Roosen NetherlandsMen's under-23 time trial48
Sondre Holst Enger NorwayMen's under-23 road race3
Soufiane Haddi MoroccoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Stefan Küng SwitzerlandMen's under-23 time trial6
Stefan Küng SwitzerlandMen's under-23 road race27
Stefan Rabitsch AustriaMen's under-23 road race24
Sven Erik Bystrøm NorwayMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Szymon Rekita PolandMen's under-23 time trial18
Tanner Putt United StatesMen's under-23 road race33
Tesfom Okbamariam EritreaMen's under-23 road race75
Tiesj Benoot BelgiumMen's under-23 road race54
Tilegen Maidos KazakhstanMen's under-23 road race47
Tim Mikelj SloveniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Toms Skujiņš LatviaMen's under-23 road race5
Truls Engen Korsæth NorwayMen's under-23 time trial41
Tsgabu Grmay EthiopiaMen's under-23 time trial50
Tsgabu Grmay EthiopiaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Victor Campenaerts BelgiumMen's under-23 time trial8
Viktor Manakov RussiaMen's under-23 time trial27
Viktor Okishev KazakhstanMen's under-23 time trial52
Vladislau Dubovski BelarusMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Yoann Paillot FranceMen's under-23 time trial2
Yoav Bär IsraelMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Youssef Harrouch MoroccoMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Yves Lampaert BelgiumMen's under-23 time trial14
Zhandos Bizhigitov KazakhstanMen's under-23 time trial46
Zhandos Bizhigitov KazakhstanMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Zico Waeytens BelgiumMen's under-23 road race32
Zoltán Sipos RomaniaMen's under-23 time trial64
Zoltán Sipos RomaniaMen's under-23 road raceDNF
Zydrunas Savickas LithuaniaMen's under-23 time trial42


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