Developer(s) Florin Ghido
Stable release
5.100 / September 2, 2016 (2016-09-02)
Preview release
4.910b *only Windows* / February 12, 2011 (2011-02-12)
Operating system Linux, Darwin, Microsoft Windows
Type Audio compression Encoder
Website www.losslessaudio.org

OptimFROG is a proprietary lossless audio data compression codec developed by Florin Ghido. OptimFROG is optimized for very high compression ratios at the expense of encoding and decoding speed.

OptimFROG DualStream

OptimFROG DualStream is a lossy codec, aimed to fill the gap between perceptual coding and lossless coding as OptimFROG DualStream has an option to produce a correction file. This file can be used, in combination with the main lossy-encoded file, for lossless decoding, but not, unlike Wavpack hybrid for instance, for playback.[1]

This correction feature is also offered by MPEG-4 SLS and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Technical details


Both OptimFROG file formats use APEv2 tags to store the metadata.


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