Pennsylvania Attorney General election, 2004

Pennsylvania's Attorney General election was held November 2, 2004.[1] Necessary primary elections were held on April 27, 2004.[2] Tom Corbett was elected Attorney General, a position that he had held from 1995-97 after being appointed by Governor Tom Ridge to fill a vacancy. Corbett, who had been a U.S. Attorney, narrowly defeated Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor in the Republican primary, then won by an even tighter margin in the general election. Corbett's Democratic opponent was Jim Eisenhower, the 2002 nominee who had once served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and had been a close confidant of Governor Ed Rendell. Eisenhower won in a primary that featured three top-tier candidates: his opponents were David Barasch, a former U.S. Attorney, and John Morganelli, the Northampton County District Attorney who was narrowly defeated by Eisenhower in the previous Democratic primary for this position.

Republican primary

In the Republican primary, Bruce Castor was supported by Mike Fisher, Rob Gleason, Frank Bartle and Fred Anton.[3] Tom Corbett was supported by Chris Bravacos, Stan Rapp, Bob Asher, David Girard DiCarlo, and Jeff Piccola.[3] Joe Peters was supported by Paul Evanko, Roger Madigan, Frank Rizzo, and Bill Scranton.[3]

Attorney general

Pennsylvania Attorney General primary election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic David Barasch 207,560 28.2
Democratic Jim Eisenhower 282,515 38.3
Democratic John Morganelli 246,765 33.5
Republican Bruce Castor 439,711 47.2
Republican Tom Corbett 491,651 52.8
Pennsylvania Attorney General election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Tom Corbett 2,730,718 50.4
Democratic Jim Eisenhower 2,621,927 48.3
Green Marakay Rogers 70,624 1.3


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