United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1936

United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1936
November 3, 1936

Nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt Alf Landon
Party Democratic Republican
Home state New York Kansas
Running mate John N. Garner Frank Knox
Electoral vote 36 0
Popular vote 2,353,987 1,690,200
Percentage 56.88% 40.84%

County results

President before election

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Elected President

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 1936 United States presidential election in Pennsylvania took place on November 3, 1936 throughout the 48 states. Voters chose 36 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

Pennsylvania voted for the Democratic nominee, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, over the Republican nominee, Kansas Governor Alf Landon. Roosevelt was the first Democrat to win Pennsylvania since James Buchanan in 1856. Roosevelt won Pennsylvania by a large margin of 16.04%.


United States presidential [1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Franklin D. Roosevelt 2,353,987 56.88% 36
Republican Alf Landon 1,690,200 40.84% 0
Union William Lemke 67,468 1.63% 0
Socialist Norman Thomas 14,599 0.35% 0
Prohibition D. Leigh Colvin 6,687 0.16% 0
Communist Earl Browder 4,061 0.10% 0
Industrial Labor John Aiken 1,424 0.03% 0


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