Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1898

Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1898
November 8, 1898 (1898-11-08)

Candidate William A. Stone George A. Jenks Silas C. Swallow
Party Republican Democratic Prohibition
Popular vote 476,206 358,300 132,931
Percentage 49.01% 36.87% 13.68%

County results

Governor before election

Daniel H. Hastings

Elected Governor

William A. Stone

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1898 was held on November 1. It featured a three-way campaign between major party candidates William Stone and George Jenks, as well as a strong showing by prohibitionist Silas Swallow.






Entering the election, the Republican machine was strong but its leadership was divided. Although previous governor Daniel Hastings had tried to toe the line between the conservative and progressive wings of the party, he failed to impress either side. Party bosses Matthew Quay, a conservative, and John Wanamaker, a progressive, nominated canadiates with the same last name but who were of no relation. In a close race, the conservatives prevailed, but the party had difficulty reuniting after William Stone defeated retired U.S. Army Colonel Charles W. Stone.

Jenks' campaign had difficulty gaining traction from the start, and Stone was able to undercut some of Swallow's support by identifying with the temperance movement. Stone also did will by emphasizing his commitment to law and order, after labor strife had rocked the state during the previous governor's term.


Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1898[1][2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican William A. Stone 476,206 49.01
Democratic George A. Jenks 358,300 36.87
Prohibition Silas C. Swallow 132,931 13.68
Socialist Labor J. Mahlon Barnes 4,278 0.44
N/A Other 32 0.00
Total votes 971,747 100.00


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