Pennsylvania state elections, 2003

Pennsylvania's state elections were held November 4, 2003.[1] Necessary primary elections were held on May 20, 2003[2]

Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice of the Supreme Court election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Max Baer 1,284,846 51.9
Republican Joan Orie Melvin 1,084,550 48.1

Judge of the Superior Court

Justice of the Superior Court election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Seamus McCaffery 1,141,420 17.5
Democratic Jack A. Panella 1,140,891 17.5
Democratic John Driscoll 1,125,515 17.2
Republican Susan Gantman 1,125,543 17.2
Republican Grainger Bowman 1,017,132 15.6
Republican Palmer Dolbin 979,033 15.0

Ballot questions

Amending The Right Of Persons Accused Of A Crime To Meet The Witnesses Against Them Face To Face.
Candidate Votes Percentage
Yes 1,239,356 68.2%
No 578,031 31.8%
Authorizing The General Assembly To Enact Laws Regarding The Way That Children May Testify In Criminal Proceedings
Candidate Votes Percentage
Yes 1,494,261 80.6%
No 360,283 19.4%


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