Pittsburgh mayoral election, 1997

The Mayoral election of 1997 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was held on Tuesday, November 4, 1997. The incumbent mayor, Tom Murphy of the Democratic Party was running for a second straight term.

Democratic Primary

Murphy faced a difficult battle from City Council President Bob O'Connor, who would later go on to become mayor. The incumbent's popularity was waning due to his steadfast of two controversial measures: a tax to construct new stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates, and a faltering public-private partnership to purchase vacant Downtown storefronts. The battle was especially tense due to personality differences between the two men that led to frequently clashes over legislaton.

1997 Pittsburgh mayoral election, Democratic primary
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tom Murphy 35,557 53.6
Democratic Bob O'Connor 26,652 41.7
Democratic Chaston Roston 3,104 4.7
Total votes 65,313 100

General Election

A total of 82,203 votes were cast in the general election. As is typical of races in Pittsburgh, the Democratic candidate won by a large margin over Republican Harry Frost, a construction executive.

Pittsburgh mayoral election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Democratic Tom Murphy 63,246 76.9
Republican Harry Frost 17,161 20.9
Turnout 82,203
Democratic hold Swing


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