Sigma Lambda Beta

Sigma Lambda Beta
Founded April 4, 1986 (1986-04-04)
University of Iowa
Type Social
Mission statement To nurture and further a dynamic, value-based environment which utilizes our historically Latino based fraternity as a catalyst to better serve the needs and wants of all people.
Motto Opportunity for Wisdom,
Wisdom for Culture.
Colors      Royal Purple
     Pure White
Flower Red Carnation
Mascot White Stallion Mustang
Publication El Iluminador
Philanthropy Victor Correa CPR Awareness Day
Chapters 132 Established Undergraduate Chapters,
9 Colonies,
19 Alumni Networks,
10 Alumni Associations
Nickname Lambda Betas, Betas
Principles Brotherhood
Community Service
Cultural Awareness
Headquarters 125 E. Zeller St. Ste. E
North Liberty, Iowa

Sigma Lambda Beta (ΣΛΒ) (known as Lambda Betas or Betas) is a historically Latino-based social fraternity established with multicultural membership. Founded in 1986 at the University of Iowa, the primary purpose of Sigma Lambda Beta is to promote Latino culture as well as standards of excellence in morality, ethics, and education. The four key principles that serve as pillars to this purpose are Brotherhood, Scholarship, Community Service, and Cultural Awareness.


Sigma Lambda Beta was founded April 4, 1986 at the University of Iowa by 18 men who saw a need for a Latino fraternity at the predominately Caucasian university. Spearheaded by founder Baltazar Mendoza Madriga, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, the fraternity established that it will honor the principles of brotherhood, scholarship, community service and cultural awareness.[1]

The fraternity saw a rapid growth in its early years, according to Founding Father Ricardo Zamudio,

"There was a lot of travelling involved in going to other campuses to talk with men who were potentially interested, and having them come to our campus to learn more about our organization. From there it slowly became easier to expand to other campuses, as our network of members available to talk to groups at different campuses continued to expand."[2]

Founding Fathers

This picture contains 13 of the 18 Founding Fathers of Sigma Lambda Beta.
  • Baltazar Mendoza-Madrigal
  • Luis F. Jimenez
  • Thomas Carrasquillo
  • Manuel Chavarria
  • Eric Montes
  • Luis Marquez
  • Mario Buendia
  • Enrique Carbajal
  • Rudolfo Garza
  • Jose Fong
  • Juan Valdez
  • Ricardo Zamudio
  • Jaime Ramirez Kindred
  • Olivero Rivera Davila
  • Eugenio Soria Carrion
  • Olakunle Oyeyemi
  • Kuy Ou
  • Juan Jose Rojas-Cardona


Alumni Associations and Networks

Sigma Lambda Beta membership is not exclusively an undergraduate experience, we believe it to be a lifelong commitment if you choose to make it that way. Alumni members are there to fortify a foundation for our undergraduate entities. Leading the organization through elected positions, and advising collegiate entities and interest groups are some of the focuses of alumni networks.

"To remain active and connected with brothers nearby and brothers at our collegiate entities, our alumni are able to join an alumni network and/or association. Alumni Networks facilitate connections between brothers that are in specific geographical areas while Alumni Associations provide the structure for alumni to remain connected with their respective collegiate entity."[3]

Our Alumni Networks and Associations serve brothers in sixteen different areas from coast to coast.

National Philanthropy

Víctor Correa CPR Awareness Day

The Victor Correa CPR Awareness Day was created in honor of Sigma Lambda Beta brother Victor "Ziggy" Correa Ortiz who passed away during a drowning accident where none of the bystanders knew how to administer CPR. The fraternity encourages its members to host CPR training and awareness events.

National Events


Held every other year, entities of Sigma Lambda Beta send delegates to BetaCon to elect the Executive Board of Directors and to vote on proposals to the constitution of the fraternity.

Leadership Institute

Held every other year (alternating with BetaCon), Leadership Institute is a 3-day leadership conference where collegiate brothers are guided through a tailored curriculum with the objective to enhance their leadership and organizational skills to better meet the mission of the fraternity.

Education Foundation

In 2001, brothers of the fraternity formed the Sigma Lambda Beta Educational Foundation as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The money raised by the Sigma Lambda Beta Education Foundation is used mainly for the purpose of funding educational and leadership development programs for Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, as well as for scholarships that are made available to undergraduate and graduate student members.[4]

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