1978 Japan Soccer League

Statistics of Japan Soccer League in season 1978.

First Division

By winning the 1978 Emperor's Cup and 1978 Japan Soccer League Cup along with the title, Mitsubishi completed the first Japanese treble ever.

1Mitsubishi Motors54131043013+17Champions
2Yanmar Diesel47111153326+7
6Toyo Industries3473082334-11
7Nippon Kokan3070291921-2
8Nippon Steel2652291618-2
9Fujitsu17313111429-15To Promotion/Relegation Series
10Furukawa Electric1531113930-21

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL Division 1 1st leg 2nd leg JSL Division 2
Fujitsu 0-2 1-2 Nissan Motors
Furukawa Electric  1-0 0-0 Honda

Nissan promoted, Fujitsu relegated.

Second Division

1Honda5713121399+30To Promotion/Relegation Series with Division 1
2Nissan Motors46102243616+20
3Kofu Club3891083233-1
4Yanmar Club3883072931-2
5Tanabe Pharmaceutical3773352316+7
7Toshiba Horikawacho34722720200
8Sumitomo Metal3070292928+1
9Toyota Motors22510122642-16To Promotion/Relegation Series with Regional Series finalists
10Kyoto Shiko Club8112141551-36

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL 1st leg 2nd leg Regional Series
Toyota Motors 1-0 1-2 Toho Titanium (runner-up)
Kyoto Shiko Club 0-3 1-0 Yamaha Motors (champion)

Yamaha promoted, Kyoto Shiko relegated.


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