1980 Japan Soccer League

Statistics of Japan Soccer League in season 1980. For the first time ever, automatic promotion and relegation was introduced for the first and last places of the Second Division, which means that the last place in the First Division went down.

First Division

Yanmar Diesel won the title for a fourth time.

Nissan, who had saved itself from relegation in the playout the previous season, went down after the bottom place was granted automatic relegation, while Yamaha saved itself by beating Fujitsu in the playout.

1Yanmar Diesel3013412913+16Champions
2Fujita Engineering2310353319+14
3Furukawa Electric229452621+5
4Mitsubishi Motors207652420+4
7Toyo Kogyo178193729+8
8Nippon Steel156392127-6
9Yamaha Motors1353102839-11To Promotion/Relegation Series
10Nissan622141141-30Relegated to Second Division

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL Division 1 1st leg 2nd leg JSL Division 2
Yamaha Motors 1-0 1-1 Fujitsu

Second Division

Honda was finally promoted on the second attempt after the 1978 debacle.

Kofu Club saved itself from relegation by defeating Furukawa Electric Chiba, Furukawa's B-team. Cosmo Oil Yokkaichi fell through and went back to the Tokai regional league.

1Honda2813234317+26Promoted to First Division
2Fujitsu2510534512+23To Promotion/Relegation Series with First Division
4Nippon Kokan207652317+6
5Toyota Motors187472934-5
6Tanabe Pharmaceuticals176571522-7
7Teijin Matsuyama177382024-4
9Kofu Club1042121733-16To Promotion/Relegation Series with Regional Series
10Daikyo Oil1050132746-19Relegated to Regional Leagues

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL 1st leg 2nd leg Regional Series
Kofu Club 1-2 4-1 Furukawa Electric Chiba (runner-up)


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