Renofa Yamaguchi FC

Renofa Yamaguchi FC
Full name Renofa Yamaguchi Football Club
Nickname(s) Renofa
Founded 1949 (as Yamaguchi Teachers)
2006 (as Renofa Yamaguchi FC)
Ground Yamaguchi Restoration Park Stadium
Ground Capacity 20,000
Yamaguchi Athletics Club (NPO)
Chairman Mikio Yamane
Manager Nobuhiro Ueno
League J2 League
2016 12th
Website Club home page

Renofa Yamaguchi FC (レノファ山口FC Renofa Yamaguchi FC) is a Japanese professional football team based in Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Prefecture. They will play in the J2 League, the second tier of the Japanese football league system.


The original football team consisted of a group of teaching staff who were based within Yamaguchi prefecture, a team called Yamaguchi Prefecture Teachers Football Club (山口県サッカー教員団 Yamaguchi-ken sakkā kyōin dan), often abbreviated to Yamaguchi Teachers or Yamaguchi KFC (compare Tochigi S.C. and Gainare Tottori, who started as teachers' clubs and are now members of the J.League).

In February 2006, the Yamaguchi Football Association eyed the placement of a team from Yamaguchi in the J.League. Setting its heart of operations at Yamaguchi Teachers, a new football club was established.[1] At the same time, a public appeal was made to name the new club, with Renofa Yamaguchi F.C. being decided in March of the same year. The word renofa is a combination of three English words: renovation, fight and fine.[2][3]

Without a specified home ground, the team played Chūgoku league matches across a number of different venues within the prefecture, including Yamaguchi Ishin Park Stadium, Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park, Onoda Football Park, Shunan City Athletic Stadium and Yamaguchi Football Park. Now however, home games are played at Yamaguchi Ishin Park Stadium.

Though structured with a hometown manager and local players, sponsored by local business and enterprises, and local action plans within the local community, Renofa Yamaguchi F.C. is aiming for a national future in the J.League.[4]

Old Renofa Yamaguchi F.C. crest, used till 2013

In the days of Yamaguchi Teachers, the team frequently finished mid to low table in the Chūgoku league. However, since the establishing of the new club in 2006, the team had consistently improved their final league position. This culminated in the 2008 season where they achieved their first league win. In the All Japan Regional Football Promotion League Series of that year the team finished fourth in the final round, missing the opportunity for promotion to the Japan Football League. The 2009 season saw them win their first Emperor's Cup match, beating Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C. in a penalty shoot out.[5]

Since the team's formation it had operated as a private organisation, however when the Nonprofit organization Yamaguchi Athletics Club was established on 24 May 2011, managing control of the team changed hands putting the new NPO in charge.[6]

After the club finished fourth in 2014 Japan Football League and passed the necessary licensing, J.League officially admitted Renofa Yamaguchi to participate in J3 League starting 2015 season.[7] Their J.League debut season saw them earn the first ever rewards in their history, namely a third tier title and with it, promotion to the J2.

Changes in Club Name

Team Results and Managers

(Note that prior to the 1991 season a team would earn two points for a win)
(From 1997 to 2006 when a match ended in a draw, a penalty shoot-out would occur. The winning team were awarded 2 points, and the losing team 1 point)

Current Squad

As of 15 February 2016.[8]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Japan GK Jun Ichmori
2 Japan DF Masafumi Miyagi
3 Japan DF Yuki Kagawa
4 Japan DF Ryuta Koike
5 Japan DF Kyohei Kuroki
6 Japan MF Reo Mochizuki
7 Japan MF Takaki Fukimitsu
8 Japan MF Yatsunori Shimaya
9 Japan FW Kazuhito Kishida
10 Japan MF Yoshihiro Shoji
11 Japan MF Yuya Torikai
13 Japan MF Naoto Ando
14 Japan DF Ryoji Fukui
No. Position Player
16 Japan GK Nobushige Tabata
17 Japan MF Taiki Kato
18 Japan FW Takuto Haraguchi
19 Japan DF Yuji Hoshi
20 Japan DF Toshio Shimakawa
21 Japan DF Hiroki Yuma
22 South Korea DF Yoon Sin-young
30 Japan GK Masaaki Murakami
32 Japan FW Masato Nakayama
33 Japan DF Fumitaka Kitatani
34 Japan DF Masayuki Okuyama
39 Japan MF Kiyohiro Hirabayashi


As Yamaguchi Teachers

SeasonLeaguePos.Pld.WinDrawLoseGFGAGDPointsEmperor's CupManagerNotes
1976 First Round
1980Chūgoku League6144372730−311
198221483334211319First Round
19904167363225717 Takashi Yamamoto
199781413101431−177 1 match won, 2 matches lost on penalties.
Relegated to Yamaguchi Prefecture League.
1998Yamaguchi Prefecture League
1999 First RoundPromoted to Chūgoku League.
2000Chūgoku League5146172034−1420 1 match won on penalties.
20017123271730−1312First Round1 match won, 1 match lost on penalties.
20024103251731−1412 1 match won, 1 match lost on penalties.
Winners of the Chūgoku League fair play award.
2003814158822−1411First Round3 matches won, 2 matches lost on penalties.
Winners of the Chūgoku League fair play award.
Relegated to Yamaguchi Prefecture League.
2004Yamaguchi Prefecture League110802 24First RoundPromoted to Chūgoku League.
2005Chūgoku League7121471123−129 2 matches won, 2 matches lost on penalties.

As Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.

SeasonLeaguePos.Pld.WinDrawLoseFAGDPointsEmperor's CupManagerNotes
2006Chūgoku League4147342528−325 Takashi Miyanari
20073176473346−1322First Round
2008116115045153038 Finalist in the Promotional Series
2009218131453213240Second Round
2010118141351173443Second RoundToshiaki Tsukioka
2011218132354173741Second Round
201241895447222532 Takashi Kawamura
201311813325313+4042First RoundGenki NakayamaPromoted to JFL
2014JFL42616375127+2451 Nobuhiro UenoPromoted to J3
2015J313625389636+6078First RoundPromoted to J2
2016J212421411175563-853Third Round


As Yamaguchi Teachers

As Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.


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