1981 Japan Soccer League

Statistics of Japan Soccer League in season 1981.

First Division

Fujita Industries won their third League title.

Nippon Steel, one of eight inaugural member of the First Division in 1965 as Yawata Steel, was defeated by Second Division runner-up Nissan in the playout and relegated, never to play top flight football again. Yamaha Motors was relegated in bottom place, having won only two matches.

1Fujita Engineering271152247+17Champions
3Mitsubishi Motors2410442416+8
4Yanmar Diesel227832115+6
5Furukawa Electric217742823+5
9Nippon Steel1135101427-13To Promotion/Relegation Series
10Yamaha Motors1026101128-17Relegated to Second Division

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL Division 1 1st leg 2nd leg JSL Division 2
Nippon Steel 0-3 1-2 Nissan Motors

Second Division

NKK and Nissan returned after two years in the second tier, NKK also grabbing the Emperor's Cup.

Kofu Club saved itself from relegation yet again by defeating NTT West Japan Kyoto, who were looking to regain their League place. Nagoya Soccer Club, an amateur outfit who never looked like League material, went back to the Tokai regional league after a single attempt.

1Nippon Kokan2611434222+20Promoted to First Division
2Nissan2611433116+15To Promotion/Relegation Series with First Division
4Tanabe Pharmaceuticals229453511+24
6Toyota Motors166483330+3
8Teijin Matsuyama145492334-11
9Kofu Club1042121842-24To Promotion/Relegation Series with Regional Series
10Nagoya S.C.521151672-56Relegated to Regional Leagues

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL 1st leg 2nd leg Regional Series
Kofu Club 1-0 1-0 NTTPC Kinki (runner-up)


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