1970 Japan Soccer League

The 1970 season of the Japan Soccer League was the sixth season of Japanese league football. Toyo Industries won their fifth title and set the record for title wins, but they would not regain the title during the rest of the JSL's existence and would not win the successor league, the J. League Division 1, until 2012.

Japan Soccer League

Pos ClubPTSW D L GF GA GD Notes
1Toyo Industries231112335+28Champions
2Mitsubishi Motors187432413+11
4Yanmar Diesel157162621+5
5Furukawa Electric145452121±0
6Nippon Steel135363129+2
7Nippon Kokan83291438-24To Promotion/Relegation Series
8Nagoya Mutual Bank51310934-25

Promotion/Relegation Series

JSL 1st leg 2nd leg Senior Cup
Nippon Kokan  4-0 3-0 Kofu SC (Cup runner-up)
Nagoya Mutual Bank 1-0 1-1 Toyota Motors (Cup winner)

No relegations.

Team of the Year

GKKoji Funamoto (1)Toyo Industries Japan
DFHiroshi Katayama (5)Mitsubishi Motors Japan
DFMinoru Kobata (1)Hitachi Japan
DFYoshitada Yamaguchi (3)Hitachi Japan
DFDaishiro Yoshimura (1)Yanmar Diesel Japan
MFAritatsu Ogi (5)Toyo Industries Japan
MFRyuichi Sugiyama (5)Mitsubishi Motors Japan
MFTeruki Miyamoto (5)Nippon Steel Japan
MFTakaji Mori (2)Mitsubishi Motors Japan
FWKunishige Kamamoto (3)Yanmar Diesel Japan
FWTadahiko Ueda (1)Nippon Steel Japan


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