Austrian National Road Race Championships

The Champion's Jersey
Matthias Krizek

The Austrian National Road Race Championship is a cycling race where the Austrian cyclists decide who will become the champion for the year to come.

The winners of each event are awarded a symbolic cycling jersey which is red and white, just like the national flag. These colours can be worn by the rider at other time trialling events in the country to show their status as national champion. The champion's stripes can be combined into a sponsored rider's team kit designed for this purpose.

Multiple winners

Wins Name Years
2Georg Postl 1969, 1970
Siegfried Denk 1971, 1974
Herbert Spindler 1976, 1978
Peter Muckenhuber 1980, 1982
Mario Traxl 1989, 1994
Josef Lontscharitsch 1995, 1998
Georg Totschnig 1997, 2003
Christian Pfannberger 2007, 2008
Riccardo Zoidl 2013, 2014



Austrian National Road Race Championships – Men's elite race
Race details
Region Austria
Discipline Road bicycle racing
Type One-day
First edition 1969 (1969)[1]
First winner Georg Postl
Most wins 9 cyclists with 2 wins each
Most recent Matthias Brändle
Year Gold Silver Bronze
1969 Georg Postl Ludwig Kretz Rudolf Kretz
1970 Georg Postl Roman Hummenberger Ludwig Kretz
1971 Sigi Denk Georg Postl Kurt Schattelbauer
1972 Herbert Füzi Sigi Denk Kurt Schattelbauer
1973 Kurt Schattelbauer Leo Karner Rupert Preuer
1974 Sigi Denk Franz Inthaler Wolfgang Priglhofer
1975 Ludwig Kretz Werner Kuhn Wolfgang Steinmayr
1976 Herbert Spindler Erich Jagsch Roman Hummenberger
1977 Hans Summer Leopold König Peter Muckenhuber
1978 Herbert Spindler Leo Karner Peter Muckenhuber
1979 Manfred Horvath Kurt Zellhofer
1980 Peter Muckenhuber Karl Krenauer Helmut Wechselberger
1982 Peter Muckenhuber Herbert Spindler Johan Traxler
1983 Johan Lienhart Johan Traxler Erich Jagsch
1984 Helmut Wechselberger Peter Muckenhuber Karl Krenauer
1985 Bernard Rassinger Herbert Spindler Harald Blumel
1986 Paul Popp Harald Blumel Arno Wohlfahrter
1987 Arno Wohlfahrter Helmut Wechselberger Mario Traxl
1988 Albert Hainz Norbert Kostel Armin Purner
1989 Mario Traxl Peter Lammer Josef Lontscharitsch
1990 Heinz Hechenberger Peter Lammer Christian Eminger
1991 Armin Purner Anton Lorenz Andreas Langl
1992 Richard Schmied Andreas Müller Heinz Marchel
1993 Peter Luttenberger Markus Pinggera Albin Kern
1994 Mario Traxl Dietmar Hauer Richard Schmied
1995 Josef Lontscharitsch Paul Haschka Gerrit Glomser
1996 Heinz Marchel Hannes Hempel Georg Totschnig
1997 Georg Totschnig Harald Morscher Thomas Mühlbacher
1998 Josef Lontscharitsch Peter Wrolich Berndt Grabner
1999 Hannes Hempel Peter Wrolich Arno Kaspret
2000 Werner Riebenbauer Thomas Mühlbacher Bernhard Gugganig
2001 Jürgen Pauritsch Gerrit Glomser Hans-Peter Obwaller
2002 René Haselbacher Harald Morscher Martin Fischerlehner
2003 Georg Totschnig René Haselbacher Andreas Matzbacher
2004 Harald Morscher Christian Pfannberger Georg Totschnig
2005 Gerrit Glomser Gerhard Trampusch Hans-Peter Obwaller
2006 Bernhard Kohl Harald Morscher Georg Totschnig
2007 Christian Pfannberger Markus Eibegger Thomas Rohregger
2008 Christian Pfannberger Hans-Peter Obwaller Stefan Rucker
2009 Markus Eibegger Martin Schöffmann Bernhard Eisel
2010 Harald Starzengruber Harald Totschnig Josef Kugler
2011 Matthias Krizek Riccardo Zoidl Andreas Hofer
2012 Lukas Pöstlberger Josef Benetseder Matthias Krizek
2013 Riccardo Zoidl Stefan Denifl Harald Totschnig
2014 Riccardo Zoidl Bernhard Eisel Matthias Brändle
2015 Marco Haller Matthias Krizek Daniel Schorn
2016 Matthias Brändle Gregor Mühlberger Michael Gogl


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Harald Starzengruber Christian Pfannberger Patrick Kofler
2001 Christian Pfannberger Stefan Rucker Andreas Matzbacher
2002 Bernhard Kohl Bernhard Eisel Clemens Grosslercher
2003 Andreas Matzbacher Bernhard Kohl Josef Benetseder
2004 Michael Pichler Markus Eibegger Josef Benetseder
2005 Markus Eibegger Christian Ebner Christian Lener
2006 Matthias Schröger Clemens Fankhauser Marco Leonardo Oreggia
2007 Stefan Denifl Matthias Schröger Clemens Fankhauser
2008 Martin Schöffmann Stefan Poll Christoph Sokoll
2009 Martin Schöffmann Franz Grassmann Stefan Denifl
2010 Matthias Krizek Stephan Rabitsch Dominik Hrinkow
2011 Andreas Hofer Patrick Konrad Georg Preidler
2012 Lukas Pöstlberger Stephan RabitschDavid Wöhrer
2013 Lukas Pöstlberger Paul Lang Daniel Biedermann
2014 Gregor Muhlberger Marco Haller Maximilian Kuen



Austrian National Road Race Championships – Women's elite race
Race details
Region Austria
Discipline Road bicycle racing
Type One-day
First edition 1990 (1990)[2]
First winner Silvia Nenning
Most wins Andrea Graus (5 wins)
Most recent Christina Perchtold
Year Gold Silver Bronze
1990 Silvia Nenning Silvia Hauser
1991 Silvia Nenning Johanna Hack Brigitte Felber
1992 Andrea Purner-Koschier Birgit Hausmann Doris Reitener
1993 Christine Koschier-Bitante Sandra Pachner Silvia Hauser
1994 Silvia Hauser Michaela Brunngraber Christine Koschier-Bitante
1995 Tanja Klein Brigitte Krebs Cornelia Sulzer
1996 Tanja Klein Brigitte Krebs Johanna Freysinger
1997 Johanna Freysinger Brigitte Krebs Andrea Graus
1998 Tanja Klein Caroline Dietmann Brigitte Krebs
1999 Ulrike Baumgartner Isabella Wieser Andrea Graus
2000 Andrea Purner-Koschier Ulrike Baumgartner Andrea Graus
2001 Andrea Purner-Koschier Andrea Graus Doris Posch
2002 Isabella Wieser Andrea Graus Karin Wieser
2003 Bernadette Schober Andrea Graus Doris Posch
2004 Christiane Soeder Isabella Wieser Andrea Graus
2005 Andrea Graus Christiane Soeder Bernadette Schober
2006 Christiane Soeder Andrea Graus Monika Schachl
2007 Daniela Pintarelli Bärbel Jungmeier Veronika Sprügl
2008 Monika Schachl Daniela Pintarelli Jacqueline Hahn
2009 Christiane Soeder Daniela Pintarelli Jacqueline Hahn
2010 Andrea Graus Daniela Pintarelli Jacqueline Hahn
2011 Andrea Graus Elisabeth Reiner Karin Pekovits
2012 Andrea Graus Martina Ritter Daniela Pintarelli
2013 Andrea Graus Martina Ritter Eva Wutti
2014 Jacqueline Hahn Christina Perchtold Martina Ritter
2015 Martina Ritter Daniela Pintarelli Christina Perchtold
2016 Christina Perchtold Martina Ritter Sarah Rijkes


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