Slovak National Road Race Championships

The Jersey for Slovak Champion

The Slovakia National Road Race Championships take place annually and decide the national champion for the year in various categories. The winner of the championship gains the right to wear a distinctive jersey with a Slovak flag during races.


Multiple winners

Wins Name Years
5 Ján Valach 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001
Martin Riška 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007
Peter Sagan 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Elite Men

This section contains the list of Slovak road race champions. Since the year 2000, the Slovak championships were combined with the national championships of the Czech republic. The column Overall winner shows the winner of the joint championship

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Martin Riška Milan Dvorščík Ján Valach
1997 Ján Valach Miroslav Liptak Pavel Zaduban
1998 Ján Valach Ján Šipeky Miroslva Liptak
1999 Ján Valach Miroslva Liptak Martin Riška
2000 Róbert Nagy Roman Broniš Ondrej Slobodnik
2001 Ján Valach Lubos Kondis Roman Broniš
2002 Martin Riška Róbert Nagy Miroslav Keliar
2003 Martin Riška Robert Glovniak Roman Broniš
2004 Martin Riška Matej Jurčo Miroslav Keliar
2005 Martin Prázdnovský Ondrej Slobodnik Roman Broniš
2006 Maroš Kováč Zoltán Remák Martin Riška
2007 Martin Riška Ján Valach Maroš Kováč
2008 Matej Jurčo Roman Broniš Martin Prázdnovský
2009 Martin Velits Ján Valach Matej Jurčo
2010 Jakub Novák Matej Vysna Martin Kostelnicak
2011 Peter Sagan Matej Jurčo Marek Čanecký
2012 Peter Sagan Peter Velits Patrik Tybor
2013 Peter Sagan Maroš Kováč Patrik Tybor
2014 Peter Sagan Peter Velits Martin Mahďar
2015 Peter Sagan Juraj Sagan Patrik Tybor
2016 Juraj Sagan Peter Sagan Michael Kolář


Year Slovak Winner Overall Winner Ref
2003 Pavol Juráš
2004 Marien Hecl
2005 Martin Velits Martin Velits
2006 Martin Velits Martin Velits
2007 Ivan Viglaský
2008 Martin Kostelničák Martin Hačecký
2009 Matej Vyšňa Jakub Kratochvíla
2010 Jakub Novák
2011 Martin Mahďar
2012 Michal Habera Karel Hník
2013 Erik Baška Michael Boroš


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