Canadian National Road Race Championships

The champion's jersey

Governed by Cycling Canada Cyclisme, the Canadian National Road Race Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the Canadian National Cycling Championships, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race. The first edition took place in 1959. The first race winner of the road race championship was Egidio Bolzon in 1959.[1]

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz holds the record for the most wins in the men's championship with 4, Bruno Langlois is the current Elite Men's champion.

The women's race began in 1974, with Freance Richer winning the first edition.[2] The women's record is held by Alison Sydor with 4 wins.

Multiple winners


Wins Rider Years
4 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000
3Max Grace 1970, 1971, 1972
Steve Bauer1981, 1982, 1983
2 Egidio Bolzon 1959, 1962
Gervais Rioux 1985, 1987
Matthew Anand 1993, 1995
Mark Walters 1998, 2001
Svein Tuft 2011, 2014


Wins Rider Years
4 Alison Sydor 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994
3Linda Jackson 1995, 1997, 1998
Karen Ann Strong 1975,1976,1981
Joelle Numainville 2010, 2013, 2015
2Genevieve Brunet 1984, 1987
Clara Hughes 1992, 1999
Lyne Bessette 2001, 2004
Geneviève Jeanson 2003, 2005
Alex Wrubleski 2006, 2008


Christian Meier


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1959 Egidio Bolzon
1960 Alessandro Messina
1961 not held
1962 Egidio Bolzon
1963 Sammy Watson
1964 Giacomo Segat
1965 not held
1966 Paolo Mori
1967 Stu Mapp
1968 Joe Jones
1969 Horst Stuewe
1970 Max Grace
1971 Max Grace
1972 Max Grace
1973 Norman Lowe
1974 Jocelyn Lovell
1975 Brian Keast
1976 Pierre Harvey
1977 Ron Hayman
1978 Norman Saint-Aubin
1979 Ron Hayman Pierre Harvey
1980 Bernie Willock
1981 Steve Bauer
1982 Steve Bauer Gerry Dovick
1983 Steve Bauer
1984 Andrew Hansen
1985 Gervais Rioux Alex Stieda Mark Berger
1986 Eon D'Ornellas Martin Barras John Large
1987 Gervais Rioux
1988 Brian Walton
1989 P. Rygielski
1990 Colin Davidson
1991 Todd McNutt
1992 Scott Price Blair Saunders Steve Rover
1993 Matthew Anand
1994 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz Jeff Barnes
1995 Matthew Anand Michael Barry Jacques Landry
1996 Steve Rover Eric Wohlberg Jean-Sébastien Béland
1997 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz Eric Wohlberg Matthew Anand
1998 Mark Walters Brian Walton Czeslaw Lukaszewicz
1999 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz Matthew Anand Sylvain Beauchamp
2000 Czeslaw Lukaszewicz Gordon Fraser Brian Walton
2001 Mark Walters Michael Barry Min Van Velzen
2002 Andrew Randell Dominique Perras Antoine Varghese
2003[3] Dominique Perras Mark Walters Eric Wohlberg
2004 Gordon Fraser Svein Tuft Alexandre Lavallée
2005 François Parisien Eric Wohlberg Dominique Perras
2006 Dominique Rollin Svein Tuft Dominique Perras
2007 Cameron Evans Andrew Randell Dominique Perras
2008 Christian Meier Bruno Langlois Jacob Erker
2009 Aaron Fillion Osmond Bakker Ryan Roth
2010 Will Routley Andrew Randell Bruno Langlois
2011 Svein Tuft Will Routley Zachary Bell
2012 Ryan Roth Michael Barry Marsh Cooper
2013 Zachary Bell Ryan Anderson Rob Britton
2014 Svein Tuft Ryan Roth Christian Meier
2015 Guillaume Boivin Ryan Anderson Ryan Roth
2016 Bruno Langlois Benjamin Perry Will Routley


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2003 Martin Gilbert Murray Carter Cory Jay
2004 Cameron Evans François Parisien Will Routley
2005 Ryan Roth Christian Meier Kevin Lacombe
2006 David Veilleux
2007 Christian Meier Ryan Anderson Eric Boily
2009 Guillaume Boivin André Tremblay Andrew Hunt
2010 Jesse Reams Arnaud Papillon David Boily
2011 Hugo Houle Jamie Riggs Spencer Smitheman
2012 Antoine Duchesne David Boily Hugo Houle
2013 Antoine Duchesne Pierrick Naud Stuart Wight
2014 Benjamin Perry Kris Dahl Jay Lamoureux
2015 Benjamin Perry Adam De Vos Alexander Cataford
2016 Benjamin Perry Olivier Brisebois Nicholas Masbourian



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1974 Freance Richer
1975 Karen Ann Strong
1976 Karen Ann Strong
1977 Sylvia Burka
1978 Sylvia Burka
1979 Not Held
1980 Sylvia Burka
1981 Karen Ann Strong
1982 Verena Buhler
1983 Marie-Claude Audet
1984 Genevieve Brunet
1985 Barb Lang
1986 Sara-Louise Neil
1987 Genevieve Brunet
1988 Not Held
1989 Laurel Zike
1990 Alison Sydor Maria Hawkins Sara-Louise Neil
1991 Alison Sydor Denise Kelly Maria Hawkins
1992 Clara Hughes Susan Palmer-Komar Linda Jackson
1993 Alison Sydor Clara Hughes Megan McKenna
1994 Alison Sydor Leslie Tomlinson Clara Hughes
1995 Linda Jackson Susan Palmer-Komar Alison Sydor
1996 Susan Palmer-Komar Anne Samplonius Leigh Hobson
1997 Linda Jackson Julia Farell Susan Palmer-Komar
1998 Linda Jackson Alison Sydor Lyne Bessette
1999 Clara Hughes Lyne Bessette Sandy Espeseth
2000 Sandy Espeseth Mélanie Nadeau Leigh Hobson
2001 Lyne Bessette Sandy Espeseth Geneviève Jeanson
2002 Katy Saint-Laurent Julie Pepin Sandy Espeseth
2003 Geneviève Jeanson Lyne Bessette Susan Palmer-Komar
2004 Lyne Bessette Manon Jutras Erinne Willock
2005 Geneviève Jeanson Erinne Willock Susan Palmer-Komar
2006 Alex Wrubleski Anne Samplonius Leigh Hobson
2007 Gina Grain Marni Hambleton Moriah McGregor
2008 Alex Wrubleski Leigh Hobson Felicia Gómez
2009 Alison Testroete Gina Grain Merrill Collins
2010 Joelle Numainville Tara Whitten Alison Testroete
2011 Véronique Fortin Lex Albrecht Erinne Willock
2012 Denise Ramsden Clara Hughes Joelle Numainville
2013 Joelle Numainville Leah Kirchmann Lex Albrecht
2014 Leah Kirchmann Denise Ramsden Leah Guloien
2015 Joelle Numainville Leah Kirchmann Jamie Gilgen
2016 Annie Foreman-Mackey Joelle Numainville Leah Kirchmann


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  3. The Canadian Road Championships were disputed in the Tim Hortons Road National Championships, a UCI 1.5 category race. Dominique Perras, who finished the race in 3rd position, was in fact considerered as national champion. The race was actually won by  Nathan O'Neill (AUS)

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