South African National Time Trial Championships

The champion's jersey

The South African National Time Trial Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the South African National Cycling Championship, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race. The first race winner of the time trial championship was Malcolm Lange in 1997; David George holds the record with 5 wins. Daryl Impey is the current champion. The women's record is held by Ronel Van Wyk with 6 wins.

Multiple winners

Name Wins Years
David George 5 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009
Daryl Impey 5 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Malcolm Lange 2 1997, 1998
James Lewis Perry 2 2002, 2008



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1997 Malcolm Lange Christopher Mountjoy Douglas Ryder
1998 Malcolm Lange Simon Kessler Nicholas White
1999 Morne Bester Simon Kessler Rudolf Wentzel
2000 Robert Hunter David George Simon Kessler
2001 David George Ryan Cox Nicholas White
2002 James Lewis Perry Nicholas White Ryan Cox
2003 Jeremy Maartens David George Nicholas White
2004 David George Tiaan Kannemeyer Nicholas White
2005 Tiaan Kannemeyer Ryan Cox David George
2006 David George Nicholas White Alexander Pavlov
2007 David George James Lewis Perry Nicholas White
2008 James Lewis Perry Nicholas White Kevin Evans
2009 David George[1] James Lewis Perry Jay Robert Thomson
2010 Kevin Evans James Lewis Perry Jaco Venter
2011 Daryl Impey Jay Thomson Darren Lill
2012 Reinardt Janse van Rensburg Jay Thomson Johann Rabie
2013 Daryl Impey Jay Thomson Johann Rabie
2014 Daryl Impey Jay Thomson Jaco Venter
2015 Daryl Impey Reinardt Janse van Rensburg Louis Meintjes
2016 Daryl Impey Reinardt Janse van Rensburg Johann Van Zyl


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2008 Jay Robert Thomson Johann Rabie Jaco Venter
2009 Jaco Venter Burry Stander Johann Rabie
2010 Reinardt Janse van Rensburg Paul van Zweel David Brown
2011 Johann van Zyl Louis MeintjesReinardt Janse van Rensburg
2012 Louis Meintjes Johannes Nel Myles van Musschenbroek
2013 Louis Meintjes Johannes Nel Willie Smit
2014 Louis Meintjes Nick Dougall Rohan du Plooy
2016 Stefan de Bod Ryan Gibbons Keagan Girdlestone



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Magdalena Day Annelie Colyn Erica Green
1999 Ronel Van Wyk Tracey Jordaan Christine Strydom
2000 Ronel Van Wyk Annelise Stander Frederika Frick
2001 Ronel Van Wyk Adriana Fouché Thea Barkhuizen
2002 Ronel Van Wyk Lynette Jansen-Van Vuuren Diana McPherson
2003 Ronel Van Wyk Nicolene Schepers Engela Conradie
2004 Anke Erlank Altie Pienaar Ronel Van Wyk
2005 Anke Erlank Ronel Van Wyk Altie Pienaar
2006 Cashandra Slingerland Lynette Burger Samantha Oosthuizen
2007 Ronel Van Wyk Millecia Munro Marissa van der Merwe
2008 Marissa van der Merwe Cashandra Slingerland Lynette Burger
2009 Cashandra Slingerland Lynette Burger Marissa van der Merwe
2010 Cashandra Slingerland Lilanie Louwrens Carla Swart
2011 Cherise Taylor Ashleigh Moolman Cashandra Slingerland
2012 Cherise Taylor Ashleigh Moolman An-Li Kachelhoffer
2013 Ashleigh Moolman Lee-Zaan Hinrichsen Lise Olivier
2014 Ashleigh Moolman Heidi Dalton Leandri du Toit
2015 Ashleigh Moolman Cherise Stander Heidi Dalton
2016 Juanita Venter Samantha Sanders Cashandra Slingerland


  1. The race was actually won by  Jaco Venter (RSA), who was ineligible since he competed for the U23 title.

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