Norwegian National Time Trial Championships

The Champion's Jersey
Edvald Boasson Hagen

The Norwegian National Time Trial Championships are held annually. They are a cycling race which decides the Norwegian cycling champion in the time trial discipline, across several categories of rider. The event was first held in 1921 and was won by Ole Moen.[1] At the beginning there were often back-to-back wins from many riders. Recent multiple victors have included Edvald Boasson Hagen, Thor Hushovd, Kurt Asle Arvesen and Steffen Kjærgaard. The current champion is Boasson Hagen, who won his eighth title in 2016.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1921 Ole Moen
1922 James Kristiansen
1923 Sverre Aune
1924 Reidar Raaen
1925 Egil Reichborn-Kjennerud
1926 Olav Moxness
1927 Trond Svendsen
1928 Olav Moxness
1929 Ragnvald Martinsen
1930 Trond Svendsen
1931 Ragnvald Martinsen
1932 Ragnar Johansen
1933 Reidar Hansen
1934 Ragnvald Martinsen
1935 Roald Stenersen
1936 Ragnvald Martinsen
1937 Ragnar Johansen
1938 Leif Ekås
1939 Aage Myhrvold
1940 Aage Myhrvold
1941–45 suspended due to World War II
1946 Aage Myhrvold
1947 Aage Myhrvold
1948 Erling Kristiansen
1949 Aage Myhrvold
1950 Kjell Pedersen
1951 not disputed
1952 Aage Myhrvold
1953 Aage Myhrvold
1954 Arthur Borge
1955 Per Digerud
1956 Roald Aas
1957 Per Digerud
1958 Per Digerud
1959 Jan Bakke
1960 Jan Bakke
1961 Per Digerud
1962 Per Digerud
1963 Jan Bakke
1964 Thorleif Andresen
1965 Jan Helland
1966 Knut Eie
1967 Cato Nordbeck
1968 Nils Algerøy
1969 Leif Yli
1970 Arve Haugen
1971 Dag Linnestad
1972 Knut Knudsen
1973 Knut Knudsen
1974 Willie Pedersen
1975 Geir Digerud
1976 Geir Digerud
1977 Geir Digerud
1978 Geir Digerud
1979 Geir Digerud
1980 Geir Digerud
1981 Morten Sæther
1982 Ole Silseth
1983 Morten Sæther
1984 Arnstein Raunehaug
1985 Torjus Larsen
1986 Jaanus Kuum
1987 Morten Sæther
1988 Jørn Skaane
1989 Bjørn Stenersen
1990 Dag Otto Lauritzen
1991 Bjørn Stenersen
1992 Bjørn Stenersen
1993 Leif Eriksen
1994 Stig Kristiansen
1995 Ole Simensen
1996 Steffen Kjærgaard
1997 Steffen Kjærgaard
1998 Steffen Kjærgaard
1999 Steffen Kjærgaard Bjørnar Vestøl Svein Hølestøl
2000 Svein Hølestøl Bjørnar Vestøl Stig Kristiansen
2001 Kurt Asle Arvesen Geir Lien Mads Kaggestad
2002 Thor Hushovd Steffen Kjærgaard Bjørnar Vestøl
2003 Steffen Kjærgaard Kurt Asle Arvesen Bjørnar Vestøl
2004 Thor Hushovd Kurt Asle Arvesen Terje Tho
2005 Thor Hushovd Kurt Asle Arvesen Knut Anders Fostervold
2006 Kurt Asle Arvesen Kjetil Ingvaldsen Knut Anders Fostervold
2007 Edvald Boasson Hagen Knut Anders Fostervold Kurt Asle Arvesen
2008 Edvald Boasson Hagen Geir Lien Knut Anders Fostervold
2009 Edvald Boasson Hagen Kurt Asle Arvesen Frederik Wilmann
2010 Edvald Boasson Hagen Reidar Borgersen Stian Saugstad
2011 Edvald Boasson Hagen Reidar Borgersen Lorents Aasvold
2012 Reidar Borgersen Edvald Boasson Hagen Lars Petter Nordhaug
2013 Edvald Boasson Hagen Thor Hushovd Reidar Borgersen
2014 Reidar Borgersen Bjørn Tore Hoem Andreas Vangstad
2015 Edvald Boasson Hagen Andreas Vangstad Truls Engen Korsaeth
2016 Edvald Boasson Hagen Vegard Stake Laengen Andreas Vangstad


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1976 May Britt Nilsen
1977 Unni Larsen
1978 Unni Larsen
1979 Bjørg Eva Jensen
1980 Elisabeth Fagernes
1981 Liv Hegstad
1982 Unni Larsen
1983 Marit Ericssen
1984 Unni Larsen
1985 Anita Valen
1986 Unni Larsen
1987 Astrid Danielsen
1988 Tone Benjaminsen
1989 May Britt Hartwell
1990 May Britt Hartwell
1991 Ingunn Bollerud
1992 Monika Valvik
1993 Monika Valvik
1994 May Britt Hartwell
1995 May Britt Hartwell
1996 Ingunn Bollerud
1997 Monika Valvik
1998 Wenche Stensvold
1999 Solrun Flatås Risnes
2000 Wenche Stensvold
2001 Solrun Flatås Risnes
2002 Solrun Flatås Risnes
2003 Anita Valen
2004 Anita Valen Anette Lysebo Camilla Hott Johansen
2005 Anita Valen Camilla Hott Johansen Gunn Hilleren
2006 Anny Hauglid Camilla Hott Johansen Gunn Hilleren
2007 Anita Valen Elin Fylkesnes Gunn Hilleren
2008 Anita Valen Elin Fylkesnes Anny Hauglid
2009 Gunn Hilleren Bjørg Eva Jensen Elin Fylkesnes
2010 Gunn Hilleren Elin Fylkesnes Thrude Natholmen
2011 Camilla Hott Johansen Bjørg Eva Jensen Lise Nøstvold
2012 Lise Nøstvold Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen Tina Andreassen
2013 Tina Andreassen Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen Hildegunn Gjertrud Hovdenak
2014 Thrude Natholmen Tina Andreassen Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen
2015 Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen Marie Elise Ommundsen Thrude Natholmen
2016 Vita Heine Cecilie Gotaas Johnsen Miriam Bjørnsrud

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