Colombian National Time Trial Championships

The Colombian National Time Trial Championship is a road bicycle race that takes place inside the Colombian National Cycling Championship, and decides the best cyclist in this type of race. The first edition took place in 1999. The first winner of the time trial championship was Marlon Pérez. Israel Ochoa holds the record for the most wins in the men's championship with 3, Walter Vargas is the current champion.

Multiple winners

Name Wins Years
Israel Ochoa 3 2000, 2004, 2008
Marlon Pérez 2 1999, 2001
Santiago Botero 2 2007, 2009
Iván Casas 2 2011, 2012
Carlos Ospina 2 2010, 2013



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1999 Marlon Pérez Javier Zapata Jairo Hernández
2000 Israel Ochoa Álvaro Lozano Raúl Montaña
2001 Marlon Pérez Johnny Leal Vladimir González
2002 Johnny Leal Marlon Pérez José Serpa
2003 Herbert Gutiérrez José Serpa Israel Ochoa
2004 Israel Ochoa Libardo Niño Jairo Hernández
2005 Iván Parra Javier Zapata José Serpa
2006 Libardo Niño José Serpa Mauricio Neiza
2007 Santiago Botero Rigoberto Urán Israel Ochoa
2008 Israel Ochoa Iván Parra Fabio Duarte
2009 Santiago Botero Juan Carlos López Javier Zapata
2010 Carlos Ospina Rafael Infantino Víctor Hugo Peña
2011 Iván Casas Wilson Marentes Juan Carlos López
2012 Iván Casas Marlon Pérez Jaime Suaza
2013 Carlos Ospina Iván Casas Jaime Suaza
2014 Pedro Herrera Omar Mendoza Víctor Hugo Peña
2015 Rigoberto Urán Rafael Infantino Hernando Bohórquez
2016 Walter Vargas Brayan Ramírez Juan Pablo Rendón


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2003 Julián Rodas Andrés Rodríguez Mauricio Neiza
2005 Dalivier Ospina
2006 Fabio Duarte Edwin Parra Wilson Marentes
2007 Wilson Marentes Camilo Suárez Sergio Henao
2009 Nairo Quintana Sebastián Salazar Michael Rodríguez
2010 Félix Barón Winner Anacona Isaac Bolívar
2011 Brayan Ramírez Isaac Bolivar Argiro Ospina
2013 Isaac Bolivar Félix Barón Hernando Bohórquez
2014 Carlos Ramírez Rodrigo Contreras Brayan Ramírez
2016 Carlos Ramírez Eduardo Estrada Miguel Eduardo Flórez



Year Gold Silver Bronze
2006 Monica Méndez Diana Agudelo Laura Lozano
2007 María Luisa Calle Monica Méndez Laura Lozano
2008 Ana Paola Madriñan Lorena Vargas María Luisa Calle
2009 Ana Paola Madriñan Lorena Vargas Sérika Guluma
2010 Ana Paola Madriñan Luz Tovar Diana Agudelo
2011 María Luisa Calle Lorena Vargas Laura Lozano
2012 María Luisa Calle Laura Lozano Luz Tovar
2013 Sérika Guluma Adriana Tovar Lorena Vargas
2014 Sérika Guluma María Luisa Calle Andreina Rivera
2015 Ana Sanabria Sérika Guluma Laura Buriticá
2016 Ana Sanabria Sérika Guluma Luz Adriana Tovar

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