Austrian National Time Trial Championships

The Champion's Jersey
Matthias Brändle

The Austrian National Time Trial Championships are held annually as part of the Austrian National Cycling Championships, they decide the best cyclists in this discipline in Austria, across various categories.

The winners of each event are awarded with a symbolic cycling jersey which is red and white, just like the national flag, these colours can be worn by the rider at other time trialling events in the country to show their status as national champion. The champion's stripes can be combined into a sponsored rider's team kit design for this purpose.

Multiple winners

Name Wins Years
Georg Totschnig 5 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2004
Matthias Brändle 3 2009, 2013, 2014
Peter Luttenberger 2 1998, 2006



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Georg Totschnig
1997 Georg Totschnig Bernhard Gugganig Dietmar Müller
1998 Peter Luttenberger Roland Garber Florian Wiesinger
1999 Florian Wiesinger René Haselbacher Josef Lontscharitsch
2000 René Haselbacher Josef Lontscharitsch Bernhard Gugganig
2001 Georg Totschnig Peter Luttenberger Friedrich Berein
2002 Georg Totschnig Hannes Hempel Matthias Buxhofer
2003 Andrew Bradley Martin Angerer Martin Moser
2004 Georg Totschnig Peter Luttenberger Hans-Peter Obwaller
2005 Hans-Peter Obwaller Martin Moser Patrick Riedesser
2006 Peter Luttenberger Thomas Rohregger Mario Lexmüller
2007 Rupert Probst Hans-Peter Obwaller Christian Pfannberger
2008 Stefan Denifl Andreas Graf Harald Starzengruber
2009 Matthias Brändle Andreas Graf Michael Pichler
2010 not disputed
2011[1] Andreas Graf Josef Benetseder Riccardo Zoidl
2012 Riccardo Zoidl Andreas Graf Josef Benetseder
2013 Matthias Brändle Andreas Graf Josef Benetseder
2014 Matthias Brändle Gregor Mühlberger Andreas Hofer
2015 Georg Preidler Riccardo Zoidl Andreas Graf

Under 23

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Christian Hölzl Stefan Probst Harald Starzengruber
2001 Christian Hölzl Stefan Probst Christoph Schlögl
2002 Harald Berger Andrew Bradley Martin Gratzer
2003 Andrew Bradley Mario Lexmüller Hans-Jörg Leopold
2004 Harald Berger Andreas Graf Josef Benetseder
2005 Markus Eibegger Andreas Graf Christian Lener
2006 Stefan Denifl Markus Eibegger Clemens Fankhauser
2008 Stefan Denifl Matthias Brändle Daniel Schorn
2009 Matthias Brändle Stefan Mair Stefan Denifl
2011 Andreas Hofer Lukas Pöstlberger Dominik Brändle
2012 Andreas Hofer Lukas Pöstlberger Patrick Konrad
2013 Andreas Hofer Patrick Schultus Gregor Mühlberger


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1995 Doris Posch Tanja Klein Brigitte Krebs
1996 Tanja Klein Brigitte Krebs Doris Posch
2000 Doris Posch Isabella Wieser Michaela Brunngraber
2001 Doris Posch Andrea Purner-Koschier Isabella Wieser
2002 Doris Posch Brigitte Krebs Isabella Wieser
2003 Doris Posch Christiana Haas Bernadette Schober
2004 Christiane Soeder Doris Posch Bärbel Jungmeier
2005 Christiane Soeder Andrea Graus Bernadette Schober
2006 Christiane Soeder Andrea Graus Monika Schachl
2007 Christiane Soeder Andrea Graus Monika Schachl
2008 Monika Schachl Daniela Pintarelli Jacqueline Hahn
2009 Christiane Soeder Daniela Pintarelli Bettina Tesar
2010 not disputed
2011 Doris Posch Claudia Pfisterer Karin Pekovits
2012 Christiane Soeder Martina Ritter Manuela Hartl
2013 Martina Ritter Andrea Graus Jacqueline Hahn
2014 Jacqueline Hahn Christina Perchtold Martina Ritter
2015 Martina Ritter Jacqueline Hahn Sylvia Gehnböck


  1. The race was actually won by  Tobias Erler (GER)
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