British National Road Race Championships

The Champion's Jersey
British National Road Race Championships
Race details
Date June
Region Great Britain
Discipline Road race
Type One-day

The British National Road Race Championships cover different categories of British road bicycle racing events, normally held annually.[1]


Between 1943 and 1958, two separate bodies – the British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) and the National Cyclists' Union (NCU) – ran championships in competition with each other.

Between 1946 and 1958 the BLRC's championships were split into two, an amateur race and the independent championship for semi-professional riders. Women's championships were introduced by the BLRC in 1947 and by the NCU in 1956. In 1959, the NCU and the BLRC merged to create the British Cycling Federation.

Separate amateur and professional men's championships were held from 1959 until 1995.

In recent years the under 23 and senior races have been combined which has caused some confusion in the interpretation of UCI rules.[2]


Geraint Thomas wearing the National Champions jersey in 2011
Mark Cavendish wearing the National Champion's Jersey in 2014

The winner of the road race gets to wear the National Champions jersey, which is white with red and blue bands, in races so that (s)he can be identified.



Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Dave Rand Andy Naylor David Cook
1997 Jeremy Hunt Mark Walsham Matt Stephens
1998 Matt Stephens Roger Hammond Darren Barclay
1999 John Tanner Kevin Dawson Russell Downing
2000 John Tanner Jon Clay David Millar
2001 Jeremy Hunt Rob Hayles John Tanner
2002 Julian Winn Tom Southam Jeremy Hunt
2003 Roger Hammond Jeremy Hunt Jamie Alberts
2004 Roger Hammond Tom Southam Jeremy Hunt
2005 Russell Downing Steve Cummings Yanto Barker
2006 Hamish Haynes Roger Hammond Geraint Thomas
2007 David Millar Daniel Lloyd Hamish Haynes
2008 Rob Hayles Peter Kennaugh Dean Downing
2009 Kristian House Daniel Lloyd Peter Kennaugh
2010 Geraint Thomas Peter Kennaugh Ian Stannard
2011 Bradley Wiggins Geraint Thomas Peter Kennaugh
2012 Ian Stannard Alex Dowsett Russell Hampton
2013 Mark Cavendish Ian Stannard David Millar
2014 Peter Kennaugh Ben Swift Simon Yates
2015 Peter Kennaugh Mark Cavendish Ian Stannard
2016[3] Adam Blythe Mark Cavendish Andy Fenn

Professional (1959–1995)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1995 Robert Millar Chris Walker Chris Lillywhite
1994 Brian Smith Malcolm Elliott Mark Walsham
1993 Malcolm Elliott Brian Smith Shane Sutton
1992 Sean Yates Brian Smith Chris Walker
1991 Brian Smith Keith Reynolds Dave Rayner
1990 Colin Sturgess Ben Luckwell Harry Lodge
1989 Tim Harris Mark Walsham Nick Barnes
1988 Steve Joughin Nick Barnes Chris Lillywhite
1987 Paul Sherwen John Herety Jack Kershaw
1986 Mark Bell Adrian Timmis Steve Joughin
1985 Ian Banbury Dudley Hayton Mark Bell
1984 Steve Joughin Bill Nickson Malcolm Elliott
1983 Phil Thomas Keith Lambert Mick Morrison
1982 John Herety Sean Yates Bill Nickson
1981 Bill Nickson Nigel Dean Graham Jones
1980 Keith Lambert Bill Nickson Dudley Hayton
1979 Sid Barras Barry Hoban Dudley Hayton
1978 Phil Corley Bill Nickson Reg Smith
1977 Phil Edwards Paul Medhurst Geoff Wiles
1976 Geoff Wiles Sid Barras Phil Corley
1975 Les West Keith Lambert Danny Horton
1974 Keith Lambert Billy Bilsland Phil Bayton
1973 Brian Jolly Les West Billy Bilsland
1972 Gary Crewe Les West Derek Harrison
1971 Danny Horton Sid Barras Albert Hitchen
1970 Les West Brian Jolly Colin Lewis
1969 Bill Lawrie Dave Nie Mick Cowley
1968 Colin Lewis John Aslin Reg Smith
1967 Colin Lewis Peter Hill Arthur Metcalfe
1966 Dick Goodman Bernard Burns Roger Newton
1965 Albert Hitchen Mick Coupe Keith Butler
1964 Keith Butler Albert Hitchen Ged Coles
1963 Albert Hitchen Ken Nuttall Alan Jacob
1962 John Harvey Dave Bedwell Ged Coles
1961 Dave Bedwell Tony Mills Ron Jowers
1960 This race was not held in 1960
1959 Ron Coe Owen Blower John Geddes

Amateur (1959–1995)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1995 Simon Bray Jeremy Hunt Paul Curran
1994 Rob Harris Jeremy Hunt Mark Lovatt
1993 Rob Harris Matt Stephens Mark McKay
1992 Simon Bray Steve Farrell Paul Curran
1991 John Hughes Dave Spencer Simeon Hempsall
1990 Simeon Hempsall John Hughes Gethin Butler
1989 David Cook Wayne Randle Steve Farrell
1988 Neil Hoban Gary Barker Phil Bateman
1987 Paul Curran Gary Baker Terry Sweeney
1986 Deno Davie Jon Clay Steve Wakefield
1985 Paul Watson Jeff Williams Paul Curran
1984 Neil Martin Pete Longbottom Joey McLoughlin
1983 John Cavanagh Chris White Gary Sadler
1982 Jeff Williams Pete Sanders Steve Joughin
1981 Mark Bell Steve Poulter Peter Longbottom
1980 Steve Lawrence Neil Martin John Herety
1979 Robert Millar Joe Waugh Mark Bell
1978 Robert Millar Steve Lawrence Des Fretwell
1977 Steve Lawrence Paul Sherwen Dave Cumming
1976 Doug Dailey Bill Nickson Phil Griffiths
1975 Kevin Apter Phil Griffiths Paul Carbutt
1974 Bill Nickson Willie Moore Ian Hallam
1973 Grant Thomas Dave Vose Dave Mitchell
1972 Doug Dailey Phil Griffiths Ian Hallam
1971 Dave Rollinson Phil Bayton Phil Cheetham
1970 Dave Rollinson Gary Crewe Pete Matthews
1969 Brian Jolly Brian Tadman Pete Matthews
1968 Pete Matthews Les West Dave Rollinson
1967 Les West Peter Buckley Graham Webb
1966 Arthur Metcalfe Mick Cowley John Bettinson
1965 Les West Arthur Metcalfe Colin Lewis
1964 Pete Gordon Mick Shea John Clarey
1963 Bob Addy John Clarey Billy Perkins
1962 Keith Butler Dick Goodman Wes Mason
1961 Bill Bradley George Bennett Keith Butler
1960 Bill Bradley Alan Ramsbottom Jim Hinds
1959 Bill Baty Bill Bradley Johnny Pound


BLRC Independent Road Race (1946–1958)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1958 Ron Coe Brian Haskell Tom Oldfield
1957 Ron Coe Richard Baltrop Brian Haskell
1956 This race was not held in 1956
1955 Graham Vines Bob Maitland Ken Russell
1954 Arthur Ilsley Freddie Krebs Bob Maitland
1953 Bob Maitland Ian Steel = Gordon Thomas
= Ken Jowett
1952 Ian Steel Bob Maitland = Gordon Thomas
= Leslie Scales
1951 Dave Bedwell Leslie Scales Bob Thom
1950 Leonard West Ted Jones Ken Russell
1949 Bob Thom Leonard West Mike Peers
1948 Harold Johnson Johnny Raines Ted Jones
1947 Dennis Jaggard Benny Whitmore Arthur Bailey
1946 A H Clarke

BLRC (1943–1958)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1958 Bill Baty Norman Baty Bob Thorpe
1957 Charlie Mather Peter Southart Len Morris
1956 Mike England Tony Hewson Brian Haskell
1955 Des Robinson John Andrews Gil Taylor
1954 Reg Browne Jim Turner J Dunn
1953 Derek Evans Don Wilson Johnny Hibell
1952 Mike Howarth Ralph Parkin Anthony Smith
1951 Charlie Bland Michael Varley Chris Hooper
1950 Ralph Parkin Eric Artis Stan Blair
1949 Dave Bedwell W Llewellyn R Taylor
1948 R C Ashwin Dennis Talbot Ralph Parkin
1947 E I Upton Ron Baker H Poole
1946 George Edwards Geoff Clark Mike Peers
1945 Ernie Clements Karl Bloomfield Dick Boyden
1944 Percy Stallard Ernie Clements Ron Kitching
1943 Ernie Clements Dick Boyden Len Hook

NCU (1938–1958)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1958 Bill Seggar Jim Grieves Ray Booty
1957 Am Stan Brittain Johnny Pound Ted Gerrard
1957 Ind Ron Coe Bob Maitland Brian Heskell
1956 Alan Jackson Stan Brittain Harry Reynolds
1955 Bernard King Des Robinson Don Sanderson
1954 B J Sandy[4] Harry Hardcastle Karl Gough
1953 Ted Gerrard Bernard Pusey Fred Krebs
1952 Graham Vines A W S Ashmore Dicky Bowes
1951 Peter Procter Dicky Bowes Graham Vines
1950 Gordon Thomas Les Willmott Peter Procter
1949 A D Newman J Simpson Bob Maitland
1948 Bob Maitland Ernie Clements Ian Scott
1947 Alex Taylor S Gasgoine J Hood
1946 Ernie Clements Jerry Waters Bob Maitland
1945 J. A. O'Driscoll A J Hunt D Moreton
1944 R K Braddick Dick Bowes Bob Maitland
1939 Jack Fancourt Percy Stallard Jack Holmes
1938 Jack Holmes Jack Fancourt Jackie Bone

Under 23

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Paul Manning Danny Axford Steve Higgins
1997 Huw Pritchard Russell Downing Phil West
1998 Richard Hobby Darrell Stile Gregg Imlah
1999 Charly Wegelius Matthew Pryce Justin 'Chipper' Hoy
2000 Neil Swithenbank Robin Sharman Tom Anderson
2001 James Shaw Ian Wilkinson Andrew Parsons
2002 Jamie Alberts Mark Kelly James Barnes
2003 Kieran Page Russel Anderson Leigh Cowell
2004 Dan Fleeman Richard Whitehorn Ben Greenwood
2005 Ben Greenwood Alex Coutts Adam Illingworth
2006 Peter Bissell James Spragg Alistair Stoddart
2007 Rob Partridge Daniel ShandMark Thwaites
2008 Peter Kennaugh Andy Tennant Jonathan Bellis
2009 Peter Kennaugh James Cox
2010 Andrew Fenn Rhys Lloyd Ross Creber
2011 Scott Thwaites Andrew Fenn Erick Rowsell
2012 Michael Cuming Matthew Holmes Joshua Edmondson
2013 Simon Yates Owain Doull Tom Moses
2014 Ed Laverack
2015 Owain Doull Sam Lowe Matthew Gibson
2016 Tao Geoghegan Hart Chris Lawless James Shaw

Junior (Under 18)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1953 Harry Reynolds[4]
1954 D Smith[4]
1955 D W Tarr[4]
1958 Johnny Goodrum George Halls Harry Jackson
1960 K Wilson D Harrison J McGrail
1963 Roy Hempsall Geoff Smith
1964 Gerry Waterhouse Nigel Dean Danny Horton
1968 Chris Dodd Graham Owen Charlie Moody
1969 Alan Upcraft Colin Browning Kevin Apter
1970 Steve Heffernan R Chadwick J Bloor
1971 Rick Evans Fred Strevens Richard Edwards
1972 Roy Irwin Max Grant
1973 Brian Ellis
1974 Ray Pugh
1975 Ian Banbury?
1976 Ian Leckenby
1977 Steve Joughin?
1978 Russell Williams
1979 Glen Taylor
1980 Daniel Westbury
1981 Ian Hastings
1982 Gary Baker
1983 Nigel Simpson
1984 Dave Rayner
1985 Mike Bragg
1986 Simeon Hempsall? Terry Sweeney
1987 Lee Davis
1988 Scott O'Brien
1989 Mark Dawes[5]
1991 Jeremy Hunt
1992 Carwyn Nott
1995 Gavin Sellen
1996 Gavin Sellen
1997 Paul Kay
1998 Yanto Barker Jamie Alberts Richard Heath
1999 Stephen Cummings Nils King Michael Kiss
2000 Kieran Page Owyn Wallace Richard Sutcliffe
2001 Peter Johnstone Kieran Page Graham Briggs
2002 Steffan Wilson Richard Bowen Craig Cooke
2003 Matthew Brammeier Mark Cavendish Geraint Thomas
2004 Dan Martin Andrew Hill Ian Stannard
2005 Adam Norris Richard Hepworth Lewis Atkins
2006 Russell Hampton Jonathan McEvoy Peter Kennaugh
2007 Peter Kennaugh Jonathan McEvoy Erick Rowsell
2008 Erick Rowsell Andrew Fenn Alexander King
2009 George Atkins Tim Kennaugh Joe Perrett
2010 Dan McLay Owain Doull Chris Nicholson
2011 Dan Pearson Jim Lewis Alex Bottomley
2012 Sam Lowe Sebastian Bayliss Jake Kelly
2013 Christopher Lawless Gabriel Cullaigh Tao Geoghegan Hart
2014 Tristan Robbins Nathan Draper Tom Bayliss
2015 Nathan Draper Robert Scott Alfie Moses

All time medal table

Updated after 2016 Championships.

Medal table includes only medals achieved in elite (senior) events. Riders with 2 or more medals. (Table Excludes BLRC & NCU wins)

Rider Gold Siver Bronze Total
Peter Kennaugh 2 2 2 6
Jeremy Hunt 2 1 2 5
Bill Nickson 1 3 1 5
Roger Hammond 2 2 0 4
Ian Stannard 1 1 2 4
Brian Smith 2 2 0 4
Keith Lambert 2 2 0 4
Les West 2 2 0 4
John Tanner 2 0 1 3
David Millar 1 0 2 3
Geraint Thomas 1 1 1 3
Mark Cavendish 1 2 0 3
Malcom Elliot 1 1 1 3
Steve Joughin 2 0 1 3
Sid Barras 1 2 0 3
Colin Lewis 2 0 1 3
Albert Hitchen 2 1 0 3
Dudley Hayton 0 1 2 3
Matt Stephens 1 0 1 2
Russell Downing 1 0 1 2
Hamish Haynes 1 0 1 2
Rob Hayles 1 1 0 2
Tom Southam 0 2 0 2
Daniel Lloyd 0 2 0 2
Sean Yates 1 1 0 2
Mark Bell 1 0 1 2
John Herety 1 1 0 2
Phil Corey 1 0 1 2
Geoff Wiles 1 0 1 2
Brian Jolly 1 1 0 2
Keith Butler 1 0 1 2
Dave Bedwell 1 1 0 2
Chris Walker 0 1 1 2
Mark Walsham 0 1 1 2
Nick Barnes 0 1 1 2
Billy Bisland 0 1 1 2
Chris Lillywhite 0 0 2 2
Ged Coles 0 0 2 2


Senior (1959–2016)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1959 Beryl Burton Millie Robinson Sheila Holmes
1960 Beryl Burton Sheila Holmes Val Baxendine
1961 Jo Bowers Beryl Burton Jan Smith
1962 Jo Bowers Pat Pepper Cynthia Cary
1963 Beryl Burton Pat Pepper Jo Bowers
1964 Val Rushworth Sylvia Beardon Ann Illingworth
1965 Beryl Burton Susan Crow Joan Kershaw
1966 Beryl Burton Christine Goodfellow Ann Illingworth
1967 Beryl Burton Barbara Mapplebeck Pat Pepper
1968 Beryl Burton Barbara Mapplebeck Sylvia Beardon
1969 Ann Horswell Bernadette Swinnerton Pat Pepper
1970 Beryl Burton Joan Kershaw Brenda Brown
1971 Beryl Burton Bernadette Swinnerton Ann Bailey
1972 Beryl Burton Ann Bailey Pat Pepper
1973 Beryl Burton Denise Burton Christine Goodfellow
1974 Beryl Burton Carol Barton Christine Goodfellow
1975 Jayne Westbury Denise Burton Cath Swinnerton
1976 Denise Burton Beryl Burton Carol Barton
1977 Cath Swinnerton Faith Murray Josie Randall
1978 Brenda Atkinson Denise Burton Cath Swinnerton
1979 Brenda Atkinson Cath Swinnerton Bernadette Griffiths
1980 Jill Bishop Julie Earnshaw Brenda Atkinson
1981 Mandy Jones Julie Earnshaw Vicki Thomas
1982 Brenda Atkinson Cath Swinnerton Cath Swinnerton
1983 Mandy Jones Judith Painter Linda Gornall
1984 Cath Swinnerton Maria Blower Muriel Sharp
1985 Brenda Tate Lisa Brambani Vicki Thomas
1986 Lisa Brambani Vicki Thomas Linda Flavell
1987 Lisa Brambani Sally Hodge Linda Gornall
1988 Lisa Brambani Sally Hodge Maria Blower
1989 Lisa Brambani Sue Wright Maria Blower
1990 Marie Purvis Alison Butler Maxine Johnson
1991 Marie Purvis Clare Greenwood Linda Gornall
1992 Marie Purvis Sarah Phillips Clare Greenwood
1993 Marie Purvis Maxine Johnson Sarah Phillips
1994 Maxine Johnson Jenny Kershaw Sally Boyden
1995 Marie Purvis Ann Plant Jenny Kershaw
1996 Maria Lawrence Ann Plant Angela Hunter
1997 Maria Lawrence Isla Rowntree Angela Hunter
1998 Megan Hughes Louise Jones Sally Boyden
1999 Nicole Cooke Yvonne McGregor Ceris Gilfillan
2000 Ceris Gilfillan Caroline Alexander Yvonne McGregor
2001 Nicole Cooke Ceris Gilfillan Sara Symington
2002 Nicole Cooke Rachel Heal Melanie Sears
2003 Nicole Cooke Rachel Heal Vicki Pincombe
2004 Nicole Cooke Rachel Heal Vicki Pincombe
2005 Nicole Cooke Rachel Heal Emma Davies
2006 Nicole Cooke Lorna Webb Joanna Rowsell
2007 Nicole Cooke Rachel Heal Helen Wyman
2008 Nicole Cooke Emma Pooley Joanna Rowsell
2009 Nicole Cooke Lizzie Armitstead Emma Pooley
2010 Emma Pooley Lizzie Armitstead Nicole Cooke
2011 Lizzie Armitstead Nicole Cooke Sharon Laws
2012 Sharon Laws Lizzie Armitstead Emma Pooley
2013 Lizzie Armitstead Laura Trott Dani King
2014 Laura Trott Dani King Lizzie Armitstead
2015 Lizzie Armitstead Alice Barnes Laura Trott
2016 [6] Hannah Barnes Alice Barnes Lucy Garner

NCU (1956–1958)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1955 Millie Robinson
1956 Millie Robinson
1957 Shirley Mayers
1958 Joan Poole Sheila Clarke Molly Swann

BLRC (1947–1958)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1947 Joan Caldwell
1948 Gwen Clements
1950 Joyce Burton
1952 Irene Evans
1953 June Oliver
1954 June Thackeray
1955 Muriel Maitland
1956 Jacqueline Hewson
1958 Cynthia Carey Pat Dews Margaret Crawley

Under 23

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2007 Nikki Harris Lizzie Armitstead Alice Monger-Godfrey
2008 Joanna Rowsell Jessica Allen Emma Trott
2009 Lizzie Armitstead Katie Colclough Dani King
2010 Lizzie Armitstead Katie Colclough Emma Trott
2011 Laura Trott Lucy Martin Dani King
2012 Katie Colclough Penny Rowson Annabel Simpson
2013 Laura Trott Emma Grant Elinor Barker
2014 Laura Trott Katie Archibald Elinor Barker
2015 Alice Barnes
2016 Alice Barnes Lucy Garner Molly Weaver

Junior (Under 18)

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2005 Louise Mahe Lara Wann Kim Blythe
2006 Emma Trott Alice Monger-Godfrey Monica Eden
2007 Hannah Mayho Sarah Reynolds Emma Trott
2008 Lucy Martin Katie Colclough Hannah Mayho


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