Roman ruins in Ribchester
Location within the Borough of Ribble Valley
General information
Architectural style Roman fort
Town or city Ribchester, Lancashire
Country England
Coordinates 53°48′37″N 2°31′51″W / 53.81035°N 2.530828°W / 53.81035; -2.530828
Completed 72/3
Official name Ribchester Roman fort (Bremetennacum)
Reference no. 1005110

Bremetennacum, or Bremetennacum Veteranorum,[1] was a Roman fort on the site of the present day village of Ribchester in Lancashire, England (grid reference SD650350). (Variant names include Bremetonnacum, Bremetenracum or Bresnetenacum). The site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.[2]

The site guarded a crossing-point of the River Ribble. The first known Roman activity was the building of a timber fort, believed to have been constructed during the campaigns of Petillius Cerialis around AD 72/3. This was replaced by a stone fort in the 2nd century.[3] For most of its existence the fort was garrisoned by Sarmatian auxiliaries, first stationed in Britain by Marcus Aurelius in 175. Prior to that it is suggested that the fort was garrisoned by the Ala II Asturum from Spain, but there is some uncertainty about this. Pottery evidence indicates that the fort was occupied for most of the 4th century until the end of the Roman period.

A recreation of Templeborough Roman Fort in Yorkshire. It was rebuilt in stone in the 2nd century and covered an area of 2.2 hectares (5.5 acres),[4] similar to Bremetennacum

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