Chūgoku Soccer League

Chūgoku Soccer League
Country Japan (Chūgoku region)
Confederation AFC
First season 1973
Divisions 1
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 5
Promotion to Japan Football League
Relegation to Prefectural Leagues
Domestic cup(s) Emperor's Cup
League cup(s) All Japan Senior Football Championship
Current champions Matsue City FC
Most championships Matsuda SC (9 times)
Website Chugoku Soccer League Official Site
2015 Japanese Regional Leagues

The Chūgoku Soccer League (中国サッカーリーグ) is a Japanese football league covering the five prefectures of the Chūgoku region; Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi. It is one of the nine Japanese Regional Leagues, the fifth league level in the Japanese association football league system.


The league formed in 1973 with six teams from the Chūgoku region: Mazda Auto Hiroshima SC, Hiroshima Teachers, Mitsui Shipbuilding Soccer Club, Mitsubishi Oil, Mitsui Oil and Hitachi Works Kasado SC. The format was in a round-robin tournament with teams playing each other twice; once at home and once away. Winning teams earned two points, one point was given to each team in a draw, and losing teams earned no points. League position was determined by the number of points.

The following season, the number of teams increased to eight and generally stayed at that number for some time. However the Mitsui Oil team withdrew from the competition in 1975 because of an oil spill accident at their parent company, leaving the league with seven teams briefly. In the late 1980s, Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SC and Mazda Auto Hiroshima SC achieved promotion to the then Japan Soccer League. Although Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SC were able to avoid relegation back to the Chūgoku League, Mazda Auto Hiroshima SC were relegated the season following promotion twice.

In 1991 the league format changed, awarding three points for a league win, rather than just two.

From 1997 a penalty kick system was introduced so matches could be firmly decided instead of having a draw. If at the end of 90 minutes the game ends in a draw, a penalty shoot out is held. The winning team is awarded two points (instead of three) and the losing team is awarded one point (instead of zero).

In the 2000s, SC Tottori, Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C. and Fagiano Okayama achieve promotion to the JFL.

From 2007 the penalty kick system ended, and standard regulation matches commenced. Teams played each other at home and away (each team would actually play 18 matches), and an appropriate method was decided in order to determine league placements should teams have the same number of points (highest goal difference, most goals for, the results of the respective teams matches). Based on those results, the top four teams would be split from the next four teams (5th to 8th). Teams would play in these smaller groups against each other once, meaning the final league result is based on 21 matches. Furthermore, this means that teams finishing 9th or 10th will not be able to have the chance at promotion after the initial 18 matches, should they situation arise.

Since 2008, the league has consisted of ten teams. In 2009, the two block split was abolished, and a traditional home and away league structure was introduced.


Just like the JFL, matches last for two 45 minute halves with no extra time. Winning teams receive 3 points, drawing teams receive one point, and losing teams receive no points.

League winners earn the right to represent the Chūgoku region at the Regional League promotion series, with the aim of promotion to the JFL. Depending on the year, two or more teams may also be invited.

Participating Teams

2015 Season

These are the ten participating teams in order of their final position in the previous season.

Former Clubs

Tottori Prefecture
  • Yonago SC
  • SC Tottori (Tottori Teachers)
  • Tottori Kickers Football Club
  • Genki Soccer Club
  • SC Tottori Dreams
Shimane Prefecture
  • Masuda Club
  • Iwami F.C.
Okayama Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hiroshima Prefecture

Promotion and Relegation

Promotion from the Chūgoku Soccer League

Basically, for the league champions to be promoted to a higher league, it is necessary to compete in a specified national tournament. Up until and including the 1976 season, the All Japan Senior Football Championship was used in which the winner and runner-up played off in a promotion and relegation series against the bottom two clubs of the JSL. However, from 1977 the Regional League promotion series became the tournament of choice. The following teams have achieved promotion from the Chūgoku Soccer League.

Promotion from Prefectural Leagues

The top two teams from each of the five prefectural leagues in the Chūgoku region meet in a promotional tournament. Teams are split into two blocks, with the block winners being promoted to the Chūgoku Soccer League. However, owing to which teams are promoted to and relegated from the JFL, there is a possibility that the number of promotions from the Prefectural leagues will change.

Relegation to the Prefectural Leagues

The two teams positioned 9th and 10th at the end of the season are relegated to their local Prefectural League.

Final League Positions

Teams in blue participated in the National Promotional Tournament, with bold teams achieving promotion.

1973 to 1987

Year Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Notes
119736Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCHiroshima TeachersMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Mitsubishi Oil MizushimaMitsui OilHitachi Works Kasado SC-6 teams1
219748Hiroshima Fujita SCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Hiroshima TeachersMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaNihon SeikoukureHitachi Works Kasado SCMitsui OilIncrease to 8 teams2
319757Hiroshima Fujita SCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Hiroshima TeachersNihon SeikoukureHitachi Works Kasado SCMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMasuda Club-Mitsui Oil withdraws3
419768Hiroshima Fujita SCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Mitsubishi Oil MizushimaMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMasuda ClubHiroshima TeachersNihon SeikoukureHitachi Works Kasado SC4
519778Mitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaHiroshima Fujita SCMasuda ClubTanabe MitsubishiNihon SeikoukureHiroshima Teachers5
619788Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Tanabe MitsubishiMitsubishi Oil MizushimaKawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCHitachi Works Kasado SCHiroshima Fujita SCMasuda Club6
719798Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaKawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Tanabe MitsubishiMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hitachi Works Kasado SCMatsue City Football Club7
819808Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCMasuda ClubTanabe MitsubishiMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCYamaguchi TeachersMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Mitsubishi Oil Mizushima8
919818Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMasuda ClubMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Tanabe MitsubishiYamaguchi TeachersMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.8
1019828Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCYamaguchi TeachersMitsubishi Oil MizushimaMazda Auto Hiroshima SCTanabe MitsubishiHitachi Works Kasado SCMasuda ClubMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.10
1119838Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCYamaguchi TeachersKawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCTanabe MitsubishiMitsubishi Oil MizushimaMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Hitachi Works Kasado SCMasuda Club11
1219848Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaYamaguchi TeachersTanabe MitsubishiMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Matsuda SCMasuda Club12
1319858Kawasaki Seitetsu Mizushima SCHiroshima TeachersMatsuda SCMazda Auto Hiroshima SCYamaguchi TeachersTanabe MitsubishiMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Mitsubishi Oil Mizushima13
1419868Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCHiroshima TeachersYamaguchi TeachersMatsuda SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaYonago FCMitsui Shipbuilding S.C.Tanabe Mitsubishi14
1519877Matsuda SCHiroshima TeachersYamaguchi TeachersYonago FCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaTottori TeachersTanabe Mitsubishi-15

1988 to 2002

Year Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Notes
1619889Mazda Auto Hiroshima SCMatsuda SCYamaguchi TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCHiroshima TeachersYonago FCTottori TeachersMitsubishi Oil MizushimaHiroshima City Hall16
1719897Matsuda SCYamaguchi TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCOkayama Teachers FCHiroshima TeachersMitsubishi Oil MizushimaYonago FC-17
1819909Matsuda SCMazda Auto Hiroshima SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Yamaguchi TeachersHiroshima TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCOkayama Teachers FCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaYonago FC18
1919918Matsuda SCNTN Okayama S.C.Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Yamaguchi TeachersẼfini Hiroshima S.C.Hiroshima TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCSC Tottori-3 point win system introduced19
2019928Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Ẽfini Hiroshima S.C.Matsuda SCHiroshima Fujita SCSC TottoriYamaguchi TeachersHiroshima TeachersNTN Okayama S.C.-20
2119938Matsuda SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Yamaguchi TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCẼfini Hiroshima S.C.NTN Okayama S.C.SC TottoriMasuda Club-21
2219948Matsuda SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.NTN Okayama S.C.Ẽfini Hiroshima S.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCYamaguchi TeachersSC TottoriMasuda Club-22
2319958Hiroshima Fujita SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Matsuda SCYamakou FCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaẼfini Hiroshima S.C.NTN Okayama S.C.Yamaguchi Teachers-23
2419968Matsuda SCHiroshima Fujita SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima TeachersMitsubishi Oil MizushimaYamaguchi TeachersẼfini Hiroshima S.C.Yamakou FC-24
2519978Matsuda SCMitsubishi Oil MizushimaHiroshima Fujita SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Yamakou FCHiroshima TeachersNKK FukuyamaYamaguchi Teachers-Penalty kick system introduced25
2619988Matsuda SCHiroshima Fujita SCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima TeachersMitsubishi Oil MizushimaNKK FukuyamaYamakou FCSC Tottori-26
2719998Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCMatsuda SCHiroshima TeachersNisseki Mitsubishi MizushimaSC TottoriNKK FukuyamaYamakou FC-27
2820008SC TottoriMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima TeachersHiroshima Fujita SCYamaguchi TeachersNisshin Steel KureMatsuda SCNisseki Mitsubishi Mizushima-28
2920017Hiroshima FCMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCHiroshima TeachersMatsuda SCNisshin Steel KureYamaguchi Teachers-29
3020028Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCHiroshima FCYamaguchi TeachersIwami FCMatsuda SCHiroshima TeachersNisshin Steel Kure-30

2003 Onwards

Year Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Notes
3120038Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Tottori KickersIwami FCHiroshima Fujita SCJFE Steel West JapanHiroshima FCMatsuda SCYamaguchi Teachers-31
3220048Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCSagawa Express Chugoku S.C.Hitachi Works Kasado SCIwami FCJFE Steel West JapanTottori KickersHiroshima FC-32
3320057Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.Fagiano OkayamaHiroshima Fujita SCHitachi Works Kasado SCIwami FCJFE Steel West JapanYamaguchi Teachers-33
3420068Fagiano OkayamaCentral ChūgokuSagawa Express Chugoku S.C.Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCJFE Steel West JapanHitachi Works Kasado SCIwami FC-34
3520078Fagiano OkayamaCentral ChūgokuRenofa Yamaguchi F.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.Hiroshima Fujita SCMatsuda SCJFE Steel West JapanHitachi Works Kasado SC-2 block league split introduced35
3620089Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.NTN Okayama S.C.FC Ube Yahhh-ManDezzolla ShimaneHitachi Works Kasado SCMatsuda SCJFE Steel West JapanHiroshima Fujita SC-10 team structure introduced36
37200910Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.[1]Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.NTN Okayama S.C.FC Ube Yahhh-ManJX MizushimaDezzolla ShimaneHitachi Works Kasado SCJFE Steel West JapanMatsuda SCGenki S.C.2 block league split abolished37
38201010Renofa Yamaguchi F.C.Dezzolla ShimaneVolador MatsueFagiano Okayama NextNTN Okayama S.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.JX MizushimaFC Ube Yahhh-ManHitachi Works Kasado SCJFE Steel West Japan38
39201110Dezzolla ShimaneRenofa Yamaguchi F.C.Fagiano Okayama NextMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Fuji Xerox Hiroshima S.C.NTN Okayama S.C.Matsue City Football ClubJX Nippon Oil & Energy Mizushima F.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.FC Ube Yahhh-Man39
40201210Dezzolla ShimaneFagiano Okayama NextMatsue City Football ClubRenofa Yamaguchi F.C.Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Fuji Xerox Hiroshima S.C.JX Nippon Oil & Energy Mizushima F.C.NTN Okayama S.C.Hitachi Works Kasado SCSC Tottori Dreams40
41201310Fagiano Okayama NextDezzolla ShimaneRenofa Yamaguchi F.C.Matsue City Football ClubNTN Okayama S.C.Fuji Xerox Hiroshima S.C.Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.SRC HiroshimaJX Nippon Oil & Energy Mizushima F.C.41
42201410Matsue City Football ClubDezzolla ShimaneMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.SRC HiroshimaJX Nippon Oil & Energy Mizushima F.C.Fuji Xerox Hiroshima S.C.NTN Okayama S.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.FC Ube Yahhh-ManHitachi Works Kasado SC42
43201510Matsue City Football ClubDezzolla ShimaneMitsubishi Motors Mizushima F.C.SRC HiroshimaInternational Pacific UniversityNTN Okayama S.C.Fuji Xerox Hiroshima S.C.JX Nippon Oil & Energy Mizushima F.C.Sagawa Express Chugoku S.C.SC Matsue43


  1. Sagawa Express Chugoku declined berth in Regional Promotion Series at the request of owner Sagawa Express, which also owns Sagawa Shiga F.C. in Japan Football League. NTN Okayama thus substituted.

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