Dezzolla Shimane

Dezzolla Shimane
Full name Dezzolla Shimane Esporte Clube
Nickname(s) Dezzolla
Founded 2001 (as FC Central Chūgoku)
2008 (as Dezzolla Shimane)
Ground Hamada City Track and Field Ground
Ground Capacity 5000
General Manager Yasuhiro Wakami [note 1]
League Chūgoku League
2014 Runners-up
Website Club home page

Dezzolla Shimane Esporte Clube (デッツォーラ島根EC Dezōla Shimane Esuporuchi Kurūbi)[2] is a Japanese semi-professional football team based in Hamada city, Shimane Prefecture. They currently play in the Chūgoku League, the fourth tier of the Japanese football league system.[3] They were formerly known as FC Central Chūgoku (FCセントラル中国 FC Sentoraru Chūgoku).


The team was established in April 2001 as FC Central Chūgoku. Though registered to play in Shimane prefecture, their office and training grounds were originally located in what is now Kitahiroshima, Yamagata district, Hiroshima prefecture. In 2008 the team changed its name to Dezzolla Shimane Esporte Clube, and began to shift its base of operations to Hamada city and the surrounding areas, allowing citizens throughout the prefecture to feel a part of the club. The name is a corrupted portmanteau of the Portuguese words "Deus", meaning "God", and "Olá", meaning "hello". While "Esporte Clube" is Portuguese for "Sport Club".[4] The move was completed in 2012.[5]

As FC Central Chūgoku, home games were mainly played at Hamada City Track and Field Ground and Sun Village Hamada. However, in order to strengthen the idea that it is a club for the whole prefecture, under the name Dezzolla Shimane they also played home matches at Matsue Athletic Stadium (Matsue), Misumi Central Park Track and Field Ground (Hamada), Hamayama Park Track and Field Ground (Izumo and Shimane Prefectural Soccer Park (Masuda). In 2010 Matsue City F.C. (then known as Voladore Matsue) were promoted to the Chūgoku League, after which they, rather than Dezzolla Shimane, used the Matsue Athletic Stadium for home games. For the 2012 season, Dezzolla Shimane's home games are held only at Hamada City Track and Field Ground and Shimane Prefectural Soccer Park.

In 2004, the team made their Emperor's Cup debut at the expense of Iwami F.C. who had represented Shimane prefecture consecutively from 1997 to 2003. They received a bye to the second round where they beat Shizuoka F.C. on penalties, but were eliminated in the third round due to an 8–0 defeat away to Honda F.C..[6] Similarly, Dezzolla Shimane achieved continuous Emperor's Cup nominations until losing out to Hamada F.C. Cosmos, who are also based in Hamada city, in 2009.

The 2011 season saw the team win its first Chūgoku League title, the first team from Shimane prefecture to do so. For only the second time, the first being in 2007 when they finished second in the league, they qualified to enter the Regional League promotion series. However, a first round elimination ensured there would be no promotion to the Japan Football League the following season.[7]

From 2012 the management structure at the club had changed, a with plans to establish a corporation to run the club announced on the official website, after which the clubs head office moved location to Hamada city. It had not been made clear, however, if the clubs parent company had or had not also been incorporated. From March 2012, the club also launched an official Twitter account.[8][9]

Since it was formed, the club had mainly just enlisted various new members, but following the enrollment of such individuals as Takashi Shoji and Kazuaki Hayshi, over the years the team's aspiration also increased. The result being a young team with strong aspirations claiming a 2011 league victory with a desire to continue improving through 2012.


Name changes

Team results and manager

(Up until the end of the 2006 season, when a match ended in a draw a penalty shoot-out would occur. The winning team were awarded 2 points, and the losing team 1 point)

SeasonLeaguePosPtsPldWDLGFGAGDEmperor's CupManagerNotes
2001Hamada Adult League D21Did not qualify
2002Hamada Adult League D11Did not qualify
2003Shimane Prefectural League D21Did not qualify
2004Shimane Prefectural League D1Third round
200513010100075471Second roundYasuhiro Wakami
2006Chūgoku League234141103501634Second RoundDezzolla Shimane lost 1 match following a penalty shoot-out.
2007230141004422616First RoundFirst round elimination in the promotion series
20085261682626260First Round
20096201862102337−14Did not qualify
2010240181314603129Second RoundYasuhiro Wakami
2011148181602601941Second RoundYasuhiro Wakami[note 1] /
Takashi Shoji[note 2] /
Kenji Kato
First round elimination in the promotion series
2012145181431611645Did not qualifyGaku IshidaFirst round elimination in the promotion series


  1. 1 2 As of July 2012 the official website did not state who was the club's manager. Previously Yasuhiro Wakami worked as the manager, however is now known as the general manager. Also, as a result of his remarks towards officials in a match with Renofa Yamaguchi on 29 May 2011, he received a 12 month touchline suspension. Following this ordeal, in various event pamphlets it was announced that Takashi Shoji would take over as manager.[1]
  2. In the match programme for the Emperor's Cup, Shoji was named on the team introduction page as the club's manager. Whether this was purely for the sake of the programme or not is speculative. Furthermore it was actually Kenji Kato who took the role in round two of the tournament, as Player-coach#Player-managers in association football.


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