House Page Board

The House Page Board was a group of elected and appointed officials who oversaw the United States House of Representatives Page Program.

The board was created in 1983, after a congressional page sex scandal, to protect the pages who come from all over the country to serve Congress and originally consisted of two members of the majority party, one member of the minority party, and several officers of the House. Currently, the Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives and Clerk of the United States House of Representatives serve on the board.

In reaction to the Mark Foley scandal, the composition of the board changed. It consisted of two members of the majority party, two members of the minority party, the Sergeant at Arms, the Clerk of the House, the parent of a former page, and a former page. These changes were implemented as part of the House Page Board Revision Act of 2007. (Pub.L. 110–2, 121 Stat. 4, enacted February 2, 2007).

List of chairpersons

Chairperson Party Dates
Sue W. Kelly Republican 1998 – 2001
John Shimkus Republican 2001 – 2006
Dale Kildee Democratic 2007 – present

Current members

Member Party Dates
Rob Bishop Republican 2008–Present
Virginia Foxx Republican 2008–Present
Diana DeGette Democratic 2004–Present
Wilson Livingood House Sergeant at Arms 1995–Present
Lorraine Miller House Clerk 2007–Present
Adam Jones Former Page 2007–Present
Lynn Silversmith Klein Parent of Former Page 2007–Present

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