United States Senate Democratic Conference Secretary

The United States Senate Democratic Conference Secretary, also called the Caucus Secretary, is a ranking leadership position within the Democratic Party in the United States Senate. It was previously considered the number-three position, behind the party's floor leader and the party's whip, until in 2006, when Democratic leader Harry Reid created the new position of Vice-Chairman of the caucus. Now, the secretary is the fourth-highest ranking position. The conference secretary is responsible for taking notes and aiding the party leadership when senators of the party meet or caucus together.[1]

The first conference secretary was Sen. Edward W. Carmack of Tennessee, who was elected in March 1903.[2]

The current conference secretary is Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, and the secretary-designate is Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, who will assume the office in January, 2017.

List of Conference Secretaries

Conference Secretary State Term
Edward W. Carmack Tennessee 1903-1907
Robert L. Owen Oklahoma 1907-1911
William E. Chilton West Va. 1911-1913
Willard Saulsbury, Jr. Delaware 1913-1916
Key Pittman Nevada 1916-1917 (act.)
William H. King Utah 1917-1927
Hugo Black Alabama 1927-1937
Joshua B. Lee Oklahoma 1937-1943
Francis T. Maloney Connecticut 1943-1945
Brien McMahon Connecticut 1945-1952
Thomas Hennings Missouri 1953-1960
George Smathers Florida 1960-1966
Robert C. Byrd West Va. 1967-1971
Frank Moss Utah 1971-1977
Daniel Inouye Hawaii 1977-1989
David Pryor Arkansas 1989-1995
Barbara A. Mikulski Maryland 1995-2005
Debbie Stabenow Michigan 2005-2007
Patty Murray Washington 2007-present


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