Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences

National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Республикасының Ұлттық ғылым академиясы
Established 1993
President Murat Zhurinov
Location Kazakhstan
Address 050010, Shevchenko street, 28, Almaty

Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences (official name National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan) was founded in 1946 as a state institution that joins active members (academicians), corresponding members, and leading scientists of Kazakhstan. The main activities of the Academy are scientific research, analysis and forecasting of the development of science, priorities of science development and scientific personnel training, support, formation, and coordination of scientific programs, promotion of international cooperation, innovation and investment in science-based development. Areas of research include earth sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics, remote sensing and space technologies, chemistry, new materials, biologically active substances, biochemistry and physiology of plants, botany, soil sciences, social sciences and humanities. The incumbent president (2008) is Professor Murat Zhurinov.

Academy members


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