Tajik Academy of Sciences

Tajik Academy of Sciences (official name Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan) incorporates 20 research institutes and three territorial groupings: the Pamir Branch in the eastern part of the country (with 2 institutes), the Khujand Scientific Center in the north, and the Khatlon Scientific Center in the south-west. The Academy is organized in three thematic divisions: physico-mathematical, chemical, and geological sciences; biological and medical sciences; humanities and social sciences. The incumbent president is Academician M.I. Ilolov, elected in 2005.

Originally a part of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the Tajik Academy of Sciences was established in 1951 as the Academy of Sciences of Tajik SSR, designated the highest scientific body in Tajik SSR and since 1991 in the Republic of Tajikistan. Among its holdings is the epic cycle named for its hero Gurughli.[1]


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