Coordinates: 7°13′0″N 81°51′0″E / 7.21667°N 81.85000°E / 7.21667; 81.85000
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Ampara
DS Division Akkaraipattu
  Type Municipal Council
  Mayor Ahamed Zackie Athaullah (NC)

Akkaraipattu (Tamil: அக்கரைப்பற்று, Sinhala: අක්කරපත්තුව) is a town in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka. Akkaraipattu is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka in the Eastern Province. The Akkaraipattu town ship is located approximately 350 km east of Colombo. The main junction in the urban center of Akkaraipattu is located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of 7°13'06.02 North and 81°50'58.91 East. The city is strategically located, just south of the center of the eastern coastline and has good links via the Siyambalanduwa - Damana - Ampara Road (A25) and the Colombo-Ratnapura-Wellawaya-Batticaloa Road (A4). Akkaraipattu acts as an agro-economic hub with vast extents of paddy field surrounding the township.

Akkaraipattu area covers 48.36 km2. The UDA declared Urban Development Area of Akkaraipattu includes Akkaraipattu Municipal Council (AMC), which covers 5.07 km2 and include 23 GN Divisions of Akkaraipattu Municipal Council and five GNDs from the Pradeshiya Sabha area.

Education and religion are considered as important factors among the local people. Educating the children is considered as the primary job every parent. Due to this reason, there are a large number of highly educated people who perform well in their respective fields.

Akkaraipattu Hospital
Peddy field - Rice crop
Akkaraipattu Beach
Akkaraipattu Entrance Tower


During the period of British rule, Akkaraipattu was named Karunkodithivu and was administered under the Batticaloa District. The Government Agent was the head of each district and under him were the posts of Maniyakkara (Assistant Government Agent) and Vanniyanar (Additional Government Agent). The Vanniyanar appointed two officers directly responsible for irrigation and development, and education. Under this structure agriculture and road construction became a prominent part of the development of the Akkaraipattu area. The Vanniyanar was also responsible for appointing the Chairman and Members of local government organizations, who would then conduct the functions of a local council including collecting taxes, civic construction and providing order and law. The construction of the Gal Oya scheme, which commenced in 1949 and continues to be improved upon, further established agriculture as a driving economic force, in particular paddy and sugar cane. Road development also continued in parallel with the development of land for agriculture.


The terrain of the Akkaraipattu area rises from sea level to 39 meters above sea level. The terrain is noticeable for large areas that are generally level and covered with agriculture. Settlements are scattered throughout the area. Figure 5 shows the variations in topography throughout the area.

Soil Types

The susceptibility of soil types to drought is a major concern in Akkaraipattu where three main soil types can be found: Alluvial soils of variable drainage and texture, Reddish Brown Earths, and Solodized Solonetz. The Alluvial soils are generally located on flat flood plains. Poorly drained alluvial soils are grey in colour whilst those with better drainage are coloured brown to yellowish brown. The Reddish Brown Earths have a reddish-brown surface colour when dry and then turn a dark reddish - brown colour when wet. Solodized Solonetz is not a fertile soil with a pH value greater than 8.5.


The Akkaraipattu has three major tanks; Ilukkuchchenai Tank, Neethai Tank and Thillai Aru. These tanks, combined with the water catchments assist in supporting the paddy cultivation in the area.

Rainfall and Thundering Days

Akkaraipattu is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka and within the limits of the project area there are no significant differences in the rainfall pattern. The northeast monsoon period (October- February) is when the highest monthly rainfall is received in Akkaraipattu, conversely, the dry season months of June, July and August is when the lowest rainfall is received. The seasonal rain provides for the cultivation of crops during the maha season. Figure 8 provides average rainfall on a monthly basis between 1993-2011, (this figure was developed with information gathered from the Meteorology Department). The average annual rainfall is 119mm.

The lowest number of thundering days is generally recorded during the months of January and February whilst the highest number of days is recorded in September and October prior to the commencement of the monsoon.

Akkaraipattu Weather by Month


An analysis of the Meteorology Department's temperature records for the area between 1950-2010 reveals that the highest temperatures are experienced in May, June and July, (around 34°C) and the lowest temperatures are recorded in the months of January and December (around 23 °C) . The mean annual temperature is 30°C.


Akkaraipattu consists of over 40,000 people who settled in this area many centuries ago. There are 39,816 Muslims, 165 Sinhalese, 35 Sri Lankan Tamil, 7 Burgher are living.

Schools in the Akkaraipattu Education Zone

▪Ak/Sri Dhammarathanana Sinhala Vidyalaya

Se. Num Name of School Address Contact No Name Of The Principal
1 Akkaraipattu Muslim Central college(National School) Muslim Central College Road, Akkaraipattu-21 0094672277364 Mr.M.I.M.Shahabdeen
2 Akkaraipattu As -Siraj Maha Vidyalaya. South Road,Town Division- 04 Akkaraipattu 0094672278432 Mr.A.M.Rahmathullah
3 Akkaraipattu Ayesha Muslim ladies College Mudaliyar Road,Akkaraipattu-03 0094677910044 Mr.M.A.C.Abdul Hayu
4 Akkaraipattu Munawwara Junior College Munawwara Road,Akkaraipattu-17 0094673672096 Mr.A.R.A.Jawad
5 Akkaraipattu Govt.Muslim Boys Vidyalaya Mudaliyar Road,Akkaraipattu-17 0094672279173 Mr.M.S.M. Nayeem
6 Akkaraipattu Al -Hidaya Vidyalaya Grand Mosque Road,Akkaraipattu-19 0094672278313 Mr.S.M.Athamlebbe
7 Akkaraipattu Sir Razeek Fareed vidyalaya Sir Razeek Fareed Vid. Road,TD/03,Akkaraipattu 0094771508621 Mr.A.L.M.Iqbal
8 Akkaraipattu Al- Badur Vidyalaya Badu Vidyalaya Road,Town Division-05,Akkaraipattu 0094632279207 Mr.A.S.M.Rafeek
9 Akkaraipattu Samsul Uloom Vidyalaya Beach Road,Akkaraipattu-01 0094714469854 Mrs.S.A.Gafoor
10 Akkaraipattu Hijra Vidyalaya Flood Protection Road,Akkaraipattu-05 0094718225107 Mr.M.H.Thaseem
11 Akkaraipattu Zahira Vidyalaya Zahira Vidyalaya Road,Akkaraipattu-10 0094718218402 Mr.Ilyas
12 Akkaraipattu Kathiriya Vidyalaya Kathriya Beach Road,Akkaraipattu-14 0094756223398 Mr.A.L.Yaseen
13 Akkaraipattu Segu Sikkanthar Oliullah Vidyalaya Ampalatharu,Akkaraipattu 0094712085407 Mr.M.A.M.Kalith
14 Akkaraipattu Ar-Rahimiya Vidyalaya Ampara Road,Paddiyadipitty,Akkaraipattu 0094718772437 Mr.M.I.Abdul Gafoor
15 Akkaraipattu Fayiza Maha Vidyalaya Fayiza Maha Vidyalaya Road,Pallikkudiyiruppu-1,Akkaraipattu 0094673693150 Mr.M.A.A.Issadeen
16 Akkaraipattu Al-Kamar Vidyalaya Isankanichemai Road,Isankanichemai,Akkaraipattu 0094779222637 Mr.M.A.Abdul Razak
17 Akkaraipattu As-Shifaya Vidyalaya Amparai Road,Alim Nagar,Akkaraipattu 0094673673361 Mr.M.A.Kaleelurrahman
18 Akkaraipattu Al-Hudha Vidyalaya Amparai Road,Illukkuchenai,Akkaraipattu 0094637913790 Mr.A.M.Addul Jaleel
19 Akkaraipattu Al-Fathimiya vidyalaya Al-Fathimiya Road,Akkaraipattu- 0094672279248 Mr.M.A.C.Mohamed Uwais
20 Akkaraipattu Dr. Bathiutheen Mahmood Vidyalaya Municipal Council Road,Akkaraipattu-12 0094715562727 Mr.H.A.Kiyas

Akkaraipattu Muslim Central college (National School) (MCC)

Akkaraipattu Muslim Central College (AMCC), the premier education provider for the Muslim community, was founded in 1948. It became the second Muslim National School in Sri Lanka and the first national school in the Eastern Province in 1992. It has a student population of more than 2500 and 170 staff members.

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