Grand stellated 120-cell

Grand stellated 120-cell

Orthogonal projection
TypeSchläfli-Hess polytope
Cells120 {5/2,5}
Faces720 {5/2}
Vertex figure{5,5/2}
Schläfli symbol {5/2,5,5/2}
Coxeter-Dynkin diagram
Symmetry groupH4, [3,3,5]
Properties Regular

In geometry, the grand stellated 120-cell or grand stellated polydodecahedron is a regular star 4-polytope with Schläfli symbol {5/2,5,5/2}. It is one of 10 regular Schläfli-Hess polytopes.

Related polytopes

It has the same edge arrangement as the grand 600-cell, icosahedral 120-cell, and the same face arrangement as the great stellated 120-cell.

Orthographic projections by Coxeter planes
H3 A2 / B3 / D4 A3 / B2

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