Makran (princely state)

For the region of the same name, see Makran.
Princely state of Pakistan
18th century–14 October 1955


Map of Pakistan with Makran highlighted
Capital Kech (Turbat)
  Established 18th century
  Disestablished 14 October 1955
Area 54,000 km2 (20,850 sq mi)
Today part of Balochistan, Pakistan
Government of Balochistan
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Makran was an autonomous princely state in a subsidiary alliance with British India until 1947, then from 1948 a princely state of Pakistan. It ceased to exist in 1955. It was located in the extreme southwest of present-day Pakistan, an area now occupied by the districts of Gwadar, Kech and Panjgur. The state did not include the enclave of Gwadar, which was under Omani rule until 1958.


The state of Makran was established in the eighteenth century by native sardars of the Gichki Baloch family of Makran, They remained sovereign until 1948. On 17 March 1948, Makran acceded to Pakistan, and on 3 October 1952 it joined Kalat, Kharan and Las Bela to form the Baluchistan States Union. The Statement of Mir Bai Khan Gichki last ruler of Princely State of Makran on accession to Pakistan:

We will never accept Kalat's hegemony and we declare our merging with newly born Muslim State of Pakistan.

The state was dissolved on 14 October 1955, when most regions of the western wing of Pakistan were merged to form the province of West Pakistan. When that province was dissolved in 1970, the territory of the former state of Makran was organised as Makran District and later Makran Division of the province of Baluchistan (later changed to Balochistan).


The population of the province was mainly Baloch tribes with some Arabs and Iranians.


The rulers of Makran were originally styled as Sardar and from 1922 as Nawab. Details on earlier rulers are sketchy with the first definite dates from 1898 CE onwards. The Gichki Baloch family ruled this region before the Makran State and after when the Makran State was formed the Gichki Sardar of Kech was made the Nawab of Makran.

Date of ReignRulers of Makran[1]
1898–1917(Sardar) Mir Mehrullah Khan Baloch
1922 – 17 March 1948(Nawab) Mir Azam Jan Baloch
17 March 1948 - 14 October 1955(Nawab) Mir Bai Khan Gichki Baloch
14 October 1955State of Makran dissolved

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