Momoyama Gakuin University

Momoyama Gakuin University
Type Private
Established Founded 1884,
Chartered 1959
President Kichizo Akashi[1]
Location Izumi, Osaka, Japan
Campus Suburban
Mascot None

Momoyama Gakuin University (桃山学院大学 Momoyama gakuin daigaku), also known as Saint Andrew's University, is a private university, established under Anglican Christian auspices, in Izumi, Osaka.


The university was granted its charter in 1959.



Graduate schools


Momoyama Gakuin University

The university has a large variety of sports teams including:: archery, aikido, American football, karate, Japanese fencing, tennis, baseball, golf, cycling, automobile, jyudo, weight lifting, softball, swimming, cross-country skiing, table tennis, soft tennis, kenpo, basketball, badminton, volleyball, fencing, ten-pin bowling, boxing, rugby, athletic sports, wrestling, ice hockey, lacrosse and cheerleading.

It also has cultural groups, including: English studying society, Juvenile literature research, glee, light music, wind-instrument, fork music, movie research, drama, advertising research, tea ceremony, photograph department, calligraphy, art, chess club, fishing research, railway research, buraku liberation research, student broadcasting station and Momoyama publishing association.

Exchange students

Momoyama Gakuin university has partnerships in the world with: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Czech republic, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Australia. All exchange students have to study Japanese.


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Coordinates: 34°27′03″N 135°27′20″E / 34.45083°N 135.45556°E / 34.45083; 135.45556

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