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Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT, 大阪工業大学 Ōsaka kōgyō daigaku) is a private university in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Its main campus (Omiya Campus) is located in Asahi-ku, Osaka City. Another campus is in Hirakata City.


OIT's origin was founded in 1922 as Kansai Technical Institute (関西工学専修学校) by Kyosaburo Honjo (本庄京三郎). In 1940 the school foundation established Kansai Engineering School (関西高等工業学校), a three-year college for men (for ages 17-20). Kansai Engineering School was renamed Setsunan Engineering School in 1942, further renamed Setsunan Engineering Technical School (摂南工業専門学校) in 1944.

In April 1949 Setsunan Engineering Technical School was developed into Setsunan Institute of Technology (摂南工業大学, SIT), a four-year university under Japan's new educational systems. In October 1949 SIT was renamed Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT).

At first OIT had one faculty: Faculty of Engineering, which consisted of three departments (Civil Engineering, Architecture and Electrical Engineering). OIT later added the following faculties and graduate schools:

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