Ogachi District, Akita

Location of Ogachi District in Akita Prefecture

Ogachi District (雄勝郡 Ogachi-gun) is a rural district located in Akita Prefecture, Japan.

At present time, the district has an estimated population of 18,698 and an area of 434.32 km².

Currently, Ogachi District consists of a single town and single village.

Towns and villages


The area of Ogachi Distinct was formerly part of Dewa Province, which was divided into the provinces of Ugo Province and Uzen Province following the Meiji restoration on January 19, 1869, with the area of Ogachi becoming part of Ugo Province. At the time, the area consisted of two towns and 53 villages formerly under the control of Kubota Domain and 33 villages formerly under the control of Iwasaki Domain, with one village formerly shared between the two domains. Akita Prefecture was founded on December 13, 1871.

With the establishment of the municipality system on December 23, 1878, Ogachi District, with two towns (Yuzawa and Iwasaki) and 23 villages was established.

Following this merger the total area of the district became 434.32 km², and Ogachi District was left with only the town of Ugo, and village of Higashinaruse.

Historic Ogachi District

purple - Yuzawa-shi

1. Yuzawa
2. Iwasaki
3. Inaniwa
4. Yokobori
5. Innai
7. Benten
8. Itano
11. Komagata (southeast portion; most)
12. Kawatsura
13. Minashi
14. Minase
15. Mitsuseki
16. Sukawa
17. Ono
18. Akinomiya
19. Yamada

Blue - Higashinaruse-mura

9. Higashinaruse

Pink - Ugo-machi

6. Nishimonai
20. Miwa
21. Moto-Nishimonai
22. Niinari
23. Meiji (southern portion)
24. Tashiro
25. Sendo

Light Blue - to others

10. Nishinaruse (now part of Yokote-shi)
11. Komagata (northwest portion now part of Yokote-shi)
23. Meiji (northern portion; now part of Yurihonjo-shi)

Coordinates: 39°10′52″N 140°24′14″E / 39.181°N 140.404°E / 39.181; 140.404

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