Screenshot of Teashark 0.419
Developer(s) Teashark
Initial release September, 2007
Stable release
0.419β / May 22, 2008 (2008-05-22)
Platform Java ME
Available in English
Type Mobile browser
License Proprietary freeware
Website Expired

Teashark was a mobile web browser for Java MIDP 2.0. It is a browsing client that works in cooperation with the Teashark servers, which transcode (and partly pre-renders) websites and then sends the results to the mobile device, like Opera Mini. Such 'transcoding' is not necessarily faster (as this is extra overhead) than 'direct' browsing like most phones built-in browsers or Opera Mobile does, particularly when Wi-Fi, UMTS or HSDPA is used as data transfer medium. It supports Javascript, as long as no interactive actions are used like popup menus or timed events. It features a preview based history, tabbed browsing (up to 3-4 pages open at a time), a list of all visited pages like desktop browsers and a nice bookmarking capability. Moreover, it uses an AppleWebkit / Linux user agent which allows viewing full web sites rather than limited mobile sites what other mobile browsers do.[1]

Teashark is currently in beta, and its download links are 404s.


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