Sputnik (search engine)

Not to be confused with Sputnik (news agency), which is also launched in 2014.
Type of site
Web search engine , and a browser
Available in Russian
Owner Rostelecom
Website sputnik.ru
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional , free
Launched 22 May 2014[1]

Sputnik is a web search engine owned by the Russian state-owned telecommunications company Rostelecom.[2] It markets itself as an engine geared towards "local services". At the end of the week of the launch, it was responsible for 0.01% of the search engine traffic in Russia, compared with 62% for Yandex and 28% for Google.[3]

Sputnik Browser
Initial release September 30, 2015 (2015-09-30)
Development status Active
Written in C++, JavaScript
Operating system
Engine Blink
Available in Russian
Type Web browser
License Freeware
Website browser.sputnik.ru

There is an associated web browser, also Sputnik, derived from Chromium.


Official website
Official website (browser)

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