Voiceless velar implosive

Voiceless velar implosive

A voiceless velar implosive is a rare consonantal sound, used in some oral languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ɠ̊ or kʼ↓. A dedicated IPA letter, ƙ, was withdrawn in 1993.


Features of the voiced velar implosive:


A phonemic /ƙ/ has not been confirmed for any language. It has been claimed for Lendu, but it is more likely to be creaky-voiced /ɠ̰/, as in Hausa. Some English speakers use a voiceless velar implosive [ƙ] to imitate the "glug-glug" sound of liquid being poured from a bottle, though others use a voiced implosive [ɠ].[1]


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