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The Cabinet of the Faroe Islands (Faroese: Føroya Landsstýri) has been the chief executive body and the government of the Faroe Islands since the islands became self-governing in 1948. The cabinet is led by the Prime Minister (løgmaður). There are around 7 members of the Cabinet,[1] known as "Ministers" (landsstýrismaður or landsstýriskvinna), all of whom are also heads of specific government ministries. The ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister. The Faroese government currently consists of seven ministers including the Prime Minister.[2]

List of cabinets of the Faroe Islands since 1948

Period Cabinet Political Parties
1948–1950 Cabinet of Andrass Samuelsen UP, SDP, SGP
1950–1954 Cabinet of Kristian Djurhuus I PP, UP
1954–1959 Cabinet of Kristian Djurhuus II PP, UP, SGP
1959–1963 Cabinet of Peter Mohr Dam I UP, SDP, SGP
1963–1967 Cabinet of Hákun Djurhuus PP, SGP, R, PrP
1967–1968 Cabinet of Peter Mohr Dam II UP, SDP, SGP
1968–1970 Cabinet of Kristian Djurhuus III UP, SDP, SGP
1970–1975 Cabinet of Atli Dam I UP, SDP, SGP
1975–1979 Cabinet of Atli Dam II PP, SDP, R
1979–1981 Cabinet of Atli Dam III PP, SDP, R
1981–1985 Cabinet of Pauli Ellefsen PP, UP, SGP
1985–1988 Cabinet of Atli Dam IV SDP, SGP, R, CPP
1988–1989 Cabinet of Atli Dam V SDP, SGP, R, PrP
1989 Cabinet of Jógvan Sundstein I PP, SGP, R, CPP
1989–1991 Cabinet of Jógvan Sundstein II PP, UP, R
1991–1993 Cabinet of Atli Dam VI PP, SDP
1993–1994 Cabinet of Marita Petersen SDP, R, SGP
1994–1996 Cabinet of Edmund Joensen I UP, SDP, SGP, WU
1996–1998 Cabinet of Edmund Joensen II PP, UP, SGP, WU
1998–2002 Cabinet of Anfinn Kallsberg I PP, SGP, R
2002–2004 Cabinet of Anfinn Kallsberg II PP, SGP, R, CP
2004–2008 Cabinet of Jóannes Eidesgaard I FF, UP, SDP
2008 Cabinet of Jóannes Eidesgaard II SDP, R, CP
2008–2011 Cabinet of Kaj Leo Johannesen I PP, UP, SDP
2011–2015 Cabinet of Kaj Leo Johannesen II PP, UP, SGP, CP
2015– Cabinet of Aksel V. Johannesen SDP, R, P

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